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What is the #1 Coin in your collection or Main coin you want?

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#1 Avroair v1 ~ it's the first coin I made.


The first 10 coins in my collection were:

1. Texas 2003

2. Calgary 2003

3. USA 2004

4. Avroair v1

5. Moun10bike

6. Greenman

7. Pennslyvania 2004

8. California 2004

9. Oregon 2003

10. Dhobby1


;) Took me 12 months to get my first 10! :blink:

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Hi, I'm not meaning to be a party pooper....


This thread duplicates a number of existing threads (and I know the last one to do that on the topic of favorite geocoins was shut down or merged into the others):


Favorite Geocoin?


Favorite Geocoins, What is your favorite geocoin?


and there are more...


and, then the second part of the question you pose duplicates this recent thread by fluttershy...


What does your Geocoin heart Desire?


Can I ask that one of the mods please pin one of the exisiting "What is your Favorate Geocoin?" threads to the top of Geocoin Discussions please. (and maybe merge all others)

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