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Is it right or wrong to get TB:s from known caches?

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May be stupid question, but...


I think many of the TB:s are nice to see, and want to log them on my account.


If I've been to cache, and later there is a TB in it that I like to check. Is it okey to go and discover it, at a known cache, and can I remove it to transfer it to another cache?


What if the cache is my own, is it then a proper thing to discover it?


I think that in one way, it's ok to discover it, but I don't think it's good to move it. But the id the cache is somewhere where not so many people go. Then it could be good to go after it and move it even if the cache is owned by me.


What's your thoughts?

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I've done it. I guess the real question is can you live with yourself if you do it and someone says it's not their standard. There's no rules keeping you from returning to a cache nor moving travel bugs. Just don't keep them and I'd think no one will say a word to you (or anyone else). [At least I don't think people are talking behind my back. LOL]


Also, you can get TB's out of your cache. It's much more common to place them into your cache(s) as it will draw more finders to it(them). Given the right situation, you can even find your own cache - and several times too. :(Example given


Keep having fun in your adventures in Geocaching.

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I convinced myself that I had to actually take a TB if I wanted to log them. So if I wasn't intending to move it I'd leave it be, especially if it was in my own cache and discovered it while I was on a maintenance run. Now that I've owned two TBs I see that discovering them is a good idea because it lets the owner know it hasn't disappeared off the face of the earth. I really do appreciate getting discovered logs from anybody, especially if I haven't heard anything about it for a while.

You shouldn't take a TB unless you are ready to move it right along (said with tongue in cheek by a notorious TB holder on-er). The object is to keep them moving and build up the milage that they travel.

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