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No GPS knowlege... what will fit my needs?

Mind Orb

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I am new to geocaching, and i have found my first cache using google earth printouts. But I can already tell that it would be much nicer to have a GPS to download waypoints and such into.


I don't need maps, color screens or anything graphically fancy - just the most accurate cheap, used gps with coordinate storage, and maybe an arrow pointing my in the right direction. battery life >=10 hrs. i always carry rechargeable batteries with me.


I'm not yet familiar with benchmarking, does this require special gps functions? I don't yet know how much benchmarking I will be doing anyway....


Are there any functions besides these that i can't do without?


I am hoping to spend $50 or less. What models should i be looking at?


Thanks for any and all advice!!!!

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Used yellow ETrex will do what you ask. They go about $100 new, shop around, check the section on these forums and EBay.


GPS will get you close for benchmarking, but the description of the mark is more important. Also suggest 100 foot tape measure, small shovel, compass (other than GPS), and digital camera. Most benchmarks were placed before GPS was available, and were measured from landmarks, such as "92 feet ESE of SE corner of brick pumphouse, 13 feet N of N end of concrete culvert".

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@='Mind Orb


In an ideal world a second hand Yellow eTrex precisely is what you are asking for, however this is far from an ideal world and I would urge you not to buy the yellow eTrex but rather the eTrex Venture (that's the green one) you should be able to pick up one in mint condition on ebay for about $60-$80.


Speaking from personal experience if I had to choose between even a brand new eTrexH (yellow) and a mint cond used Venture, I'd choose the latter.


See post #6 here to see why you should not get the Yellow eTrex.


Note when buying second hand make sure you get a data cable with it. This looks good.

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You would be better with a used Garmin GPS 12 or 12XL,these two units have way better reception than the none hcx etrex series.I have used both the etrex legend and the gps 12 in the bush and the etrex legend had very poor reception.I still have my gps 12,in my opinion the best style of case Garmin has yet made.The 12 has a simple map screen that will show where you are and where you want to go.All you ever need to do wilderness navigation ,a real paper map,a real compass ,and a simple unit to tell you your position co-ordinates at times when you are in doubt.

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