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Weird/strange cache containers


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OK then lets start having all your tales about the weirdest/strangest or most imaginative cache container you have found.


I havent been doing this long enough yet to find any strange ones but, I got to thinking there must be some canny tales about. So come on then lets share them around and inspire folk to use more than tupperware.

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Keehotee has far too much time on hid hands and has used expanding foam surrounding tupperware to create some very intricate hides on dartmoor and around exeter. :huh:


fake rocks, fake brick wall, a skull... the list goes on.


trouble is some might not want to reply here as the strangeness of the container is often used to make the caches that bit harder or complete the puzzle so to say might ruin that aspect.

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Seen some pretty ingenious ones on my travels. Can't say where they are as it will spoil them :anitongue: These include:


Hidden inside a snake (rubber one)

Disguised as part of a rusty metal rail (that one was so well disguised that a lot of people give up looking)

Inside a torch hidden in a tree


One of the more recent ones I have done was a nano hidden on a very busy railway bridge - it was hard to locate and get the cache out while regular trains under your feet rumbled so much it shook the bridge and bored muggle passengers lurked nearby. But I enjoyed the challenge <_<


There's several. There's a nice trail specialising in unusual cache containers near Nuneaton along the canal which I can recommend.

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Years ago I made a big fake rock from concrete as a base for the garden parasol & I've had thoughts of doing something similar for a cache but haven't got round to it yet.


We've got one-in Worcestershire! (Not one of mine.)

I'm often amazed by people's clever ideas for cache containers especially the ones that are well crafted and merge into their surroundings.

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Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of a way to attach a combination lock to a cache? I know there are some out there.

I've seen a simple net bag with a combination lock laced through it and an ammo box with a lock attached using strong wire through the existing holes. I'm actually going to use a key safe somewhere soon but it'll be for a clue as they're quite small.

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