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Assistance required in Northamptonshire

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I want to do You're havin' a laugh Chickenpooooo is defo not up for this and has forbidden me to do the cache on my lonesome.

Now, I am due to be up in Birmingham sometime this week, I don't know when exactly and I would like to do the cache on the way back to Wycombe.

Is there anybody out there in caching society that would care to babysit me while I do the cache???

I am affraid you will have to be a little bit flexible with time and day as I am still not sure what the plan is with work this week.




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Be a big boy and do it by yourself.

Phone someone just before you go in, and say that you will phone them back an hour later. If they have not heard from you they can then send in the search party. As long as you have a spare working torch its otherwise quite easy.

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To avoid disappointment it may also be worth seeing if a local / the setter can verify the status of the gate prior to your planned attempt. When we went there it was locked (seemingly there is also a hole in the gate that you can squeeze through, but we didn't notice it)


Edited to add ... but then, we didn't look for a hole ... :rolleyes:

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