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Having just completed a 5,575 miles vacation road trip, I want to take the time to say Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to place and maintain those “thank heaven” Welcome Center and Rest Stop caches. They are great for breaking up the long stretches of road we traveled down.


Also a big Thanks to all those who placed those caches in spots that make one say “Awwww”, “I can’t believe I’m standing where…”, or “cool”. You know the especially beautiful, historic, or just plan cool spots our country is so rich with. While we’ve logged all caches , I do owe some an edit to the logs written after a very long day when extremely tired and of course need to upload some pictures.


Apologies to those who’s caches we may have driven by, especially all the virtual and earth caches in Yellowstone. Trying to see as much as possible we did have to make some choices and tried hard to balance the vacation so caching didn’t detract from the places we may never be lucky enough to visit again.


And of course Thanks to whomever got the “caches along a route” to work. It was priceless and worked like a charm.


We had a great time, averaged approximately a cache every 62 miles and took close to 1,000 pictures. The only thing that could have made the trip better was another week off.

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That sounds like a wonderful trip, and you wrote a wonderful summary that captures why more and more of us are turning to "GeoTourism" to guide our travels. I felt the same way after my big trip to the Pacific Northwest earlier this summer. I included a similar thank-you in all of my logs, which described how I was on a big long vacation trip, and that even the simplest park and grab contributed to the fun we had.


Doesn't it figure that this forum thread would go unnoticed, because it's happy and positive, while this week's "Micro Spew" thread goes on and on for pages? I submit that most people are enjoying geocaching like SgtSue did on her trip, instead of complaining about it in the forums.

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...Doesn't it figure that this forum thread would go unnoticed ...

...documenting that I read this thread and enjoyed it.


I just noticed the thread too, and after recently completing a similar trip myself (only 4,700 miles), I second what SgtSue said above. Finding caches along the way is not only a great way to break up a long drive, but is a great way to discover places just off the beaten path that are too often overlooked. It also forces you to slow down and take in your surroundings, providing an opportunity to learn a little more about the area you're visiting in the process. In a way, it's like arriving in a new area and having a local tour guide to show you around.


Now where are those photos? :huh:

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Photos? Let me get the laundry done first, pay some bills, mow the grass, get the oil changed, finish unloading the car so I can load it back up to head out to my work day house which is a 2 hr drive from my real home. Then I'll start uploading the photos. I'm tired just thinking about it. It's good to be home.

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Man do you have your priorities out of order, Caching First!!! Always! :huh:


I just got back from a big loop trip from KC to Nebraska,Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Kansas. I too enjoyed the great spots caching took me to. I did however upload my pictures before heading to bed at 1:30am on the day I returned. :huh:


Edited to add smilies. :huh:

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...Doesn't it figure that this forum thread would go unnoticed ...

...documenting that I read this thread and enjoyed it.

Me too... last year I drove from New York to Arizona for a 4 month job and then drove back again. I loved the caches that broke up my drive. My only lament was folks who would waypoint an information sign at a rest stop and submit it as a virtual. There was one classic one where the "hider" even said on the cache page that he was doing a virt cuz he didn't want to bother with maintenance on a real cache!

But then again, I did get a good laugh out of that!

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(just noticed this thread)


Sounds awesome. These days my trips are point A to point B and nothing in between.


I used to jump in the car and just drive, enjoying the sites and stands along the way. Then I got old.


Remind me to tell you about the time that I drove from Cedar Rapids, Ia to Duluth, Mn., looked at the lake and then turned around and drove back.



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