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Too small for a micro....?

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That looks like the container holding a thumb ink pad that is stuck to the counter at every teller station at banks (here in SoCalif.) It snaps closed, and prevents the ink from drying out. It may not be waterproof for outdoor use, and after a while they do not stay closed too well. However, it is as good as many containers out there and not too small for some people to find.

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I wanted to plant a new micro and was wondering is this to small of a cache. I have never found this small and thinking it would be a challenge. Comments welcome

Being on the 'end' of the scale I think micro are basically 'open' as to how small you can go and still be 'micro'.


A rabid pig has a different tail, and considerably more drool. :lol:

Kinda like this?


Back on topic:

Where'd you get such a container? If it's really waterproof, it looks interesting.

To me it looks like sorta like half of a contact lens holder. but then I think those are usually linked in the middle with a 'bridge', some are screw on lids some just snap down.


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