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I want to go paperless!

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I have a Sony Clie. I went to CYBret's webpage and tried to download GPS sonar. I think I got it downloaded to my computer. I bought a memory stick for it but I can't get it to come up on my PDA. Does anyone have step-by-step instructions on how to get it loaded to my Clie?

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If memory serves correct, you snyc your PDA first, then click the exe GPS Sonar file and it uploads automatically to the PDA. If you want to store the Sonar file on the memory stick, I believe you have to change the settings on the PDA, telling it to accept all files into the stick.


It's been a while since I installed Sonar on my Pocket PC, but I believe that's how I did it. Isn't the Clie a Palm device? You may want to double check that as GPSSonar does not come in a Palm version, only Pocket PC.

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The Sony Clie uses Palm OS. I'm using CacheMate on my Clie, it works great. Here's what I have:

  • Premium Membership: Without it, you're stuck with .loc files.
  • Geocaching Swiss Army Knife
  • Cachemate

Download PQ's (a Premium feature) into GSAK. From there, you can export to CacheMate (for your PDA) and to your GPSr. Nice 'n easy. B)


Of course, there's a whole lot of other things you can do, but this seems the simplest to me.

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