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Can Anyone in Croatia check on my Travel Bug and Move Him?

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I have a travel bug that seems to be stuck in Croatia? His name is Merle the Squirrel even though he really is a beaver (but that is beside the point:). Anyway, he seems to have been stuck in the Komusareva Pecina

cache for more than a year. I was just wondering if anyone is available to move him or at least check to see if he still there. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Yeah I did email the owner, as a matter of fact he is the one who placed Merle there but I have not heard anything. He posted on the travel bug page that he put it there but did not post it on the log of the cache. Based on the pictures from the previous posts he is in a beautiful place though but difficult to get to which may be the problem. I know he's happy but I would like him to see other places as well:)

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Always remember, not everyone checks their email daily. Patience grasshopper. :o

That cache is not a very busy one. There are only 151 caches in all of Croatia, which leads me to believe there aren't a whole lot of cachers in Croatia. That can change. This sport, or hobby, or game, has grown very fast. Once there were no caches in Croatia at all. And now there are some. Perhaps see who owns the nearest caches and ask those owners if they are close enough to go grab it, if you hear no answer from the owner. Most of the cache pages appear to be in English, which is lucky for you, because the Croatian language is a Slavic one, and I would guess English is a second language for the Croats.

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