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What do you trade

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Your personal signature item, which for me is a poker chip I sign.


Key chains, toys, gemstones, pens, pencils, dollar store items of all sorts and kinds.


Please refrain from putting food or dangerous items such as bullets into caches.


Thanks for your post. I guess I need to decide what my sig item will be!

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Some things I have enjoyed finding:

small compass

foreign coins

Geocaching pin

insect repellant wipe


Some things I have left that seemed popular:

dollar bill

foreign coins

restaurant gift certificate

eyeglassess bungee


I am pretty new to geocaching, and I don't have a "signature item", and I am not sure if I ever will.

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[*]New still-in-package items from a dollar store


Found an awesome small rubber chicken today at Dollar Tree. I am also a newbie and have only found micros so far. I look forward to the mosquitoes leaving so I can get to some caches that are big enough for items.


Thanks for the lists, oh wise and experienced geocachers.

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Your personal signature item, which for me is a poker chip I sign.


Key chains, toys, gemstones, pens, pencils, dollar store items of all sorts and kinds.


Please refrain from putting food or dangerous items such as bullets into caches.


That's no joke. This weekend I found a live 22 caliber rifle bullet that some moron left in a small cache! I couldn't believe it. Of course, I took the bullet. I'm sure it wasn't a cacher, but it makes me worried that this moron could strike that cache again.

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We found a cool little coin on eBay that says "You found Jack Squat Nada Nil nothing zip zilch" and got a few of them. Great for the micros! We also carry some Pooh pens, matchbox cars, figurines (Spider-man and Superman are the 3 year olds favorite). Anything that don't take up too much room.




Team Rathsbuten

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Well let me look in my goodie bag . Batteries, manicure kit, small mirror, kids toys likr Chuckie Cheese coin holder, mega blocks conductor, glitter roll on lip gloss, light up pen, rubber aliens, pink tennis ball and greenie chews for canine caches, golden bracelet for girls cachs hot wheels cars for boys caches, mini screwdriver set for mens cache, mini lock and key. some coupons for free food like at Micky Dees or BK. I carry this with me to all caches just so I have something to leave that is suitable. :) /mcellen

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When I first started out, I used to trade "Mac Toys" - you know, the toys out of a 'happy meal' - it would be in the original plastic... THEN I found the fourms - and found out that wasn't such a good idea... :o



I will have a personal coin soon, so I will mostly trade my coin, but I enjoy trading:



matchbox cars

tape measures (small)

small compuss

dollar bill folded like a t-shirt



I trade other items, but these are my core items. It is rare for me to take something, and I like filling up a cache that doesn't have many trade items (leaving room for others to trade) - leaving a cache in better condition than when you found it always feels good.



Enjoy your caching!!

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I like weird pins and buttons that aren't politically motivated. I usually leave small toys for kids in exchange.


I just found a cool swag item or at least I like it. I just ordered a case of 144 of them on the web to use as trade items. You'll have to follow me around for awhile to find out what it is. :(


Happy Hunting!

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I love n00bs as long as they will listen to my suggestion without being all defensive and such. You seem as though you want information so I will tell you that I only "trade" TB's and coins. Trades are becoming nonsense in that caches usually fill with junk and stuff in no time. I have no junk to trade for junk, so I rarely trade. However, I will trade TB's and coins for sure.

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I don't see anything wrong with trading McToys. I have three kids and they look for kid's things in the caches when we go. I think it's important to remember that a whole range of ages will be caching.


We leave all sorts of items from Dollar Store things, to keychains, small toys and stuffed animals, foreign coins my husband collected while in the Navy, to our sig items. Travel bugs and coins are nice, but can get pricey. I think that just depends on how much you are willing and able to spend on this "sport". I don't think there's anything wrong with using inexpensive items as caching should be open to both the rich and poor ends of the spectrum. You can often make your own sig without having to spend much.


Our sig items:


Our avatar is the sig item for our kids. That is for them to leave when they find something special that they want. We also have a website listed in our signature that allows people to track them.


My husband and I also like to leave small CITO packs in film containers that have a trash bag and a latex-free glove inside.


We're working on our special sig right now which is a pretty pendant. We're making feminine and masculine looking items to appeal to both sexes.

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I've just started leaving Mercury dimes, from my metal detecting days. One of the most beautiful coins ever made IMHO

My sig = a tiny Hohner harmonica


caribiner pens

polished stones


dollar store stuff

stuff I would like to find

I usually just leave stuff and let my boys swap things they would like to find.

I like the hunt and time with my boys.

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We're relatively new too. :lol:


The items we leave are items from Dollar Tree. (because we're cheap, lol)


- Silly String

- Batteries

- Disney Figures

- Hand-held battery operated fans

- Pedometers

- Little Notebooks

- Puzzle games

- Flashlights

- First Aid Kits


We put each item in a ziploc baggy and insert one of our family caching card. We have run into a lot of caches lately that have nothing but what appears to be trash in them. :) So we've tried to up the game a little and leave desirable items. :( And we put them in ziploc baggies so that only the baggy gets dirty and not the prize inside. My daughter has come across items that she's like before and had to leave because they were just filthy.


That's just my $.02. :)

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We're still pretty new as well...

I have a lot of neat little tokens from craft stores...

Our dog is usually with us when we go caching, so we leave behind a paw or bone token

Coins are cool too...

We recently made customized poker chips that we leave behind as our signature item if the cache is big enough

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Up till now I have been tagging along with someone else learning the game and TNLN.


The 'treasure hunting' part of Geocaching has motivated me to finish painting a set of 54mm 100' Years War Soldiers and I will be leaving these where I can.


I also have a very old match box collection made by a friend of the family who passed away some years ago. Most of these dont light except with extreme effort so I may make a pile of the 'cooler' matchbooks and trade these. For the more experianced - Are matchbooks a no-no?

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I've just recently discovered my addiction to Geo-Caching, but I've been leaving small sketches (when they fit) at my finds. Pencil or conte crayon, just small single item sketches.


I do a couple a night to remind myself that I should quit my day-job and get to my painting studio more often. :rolleyes:


That's a really cool thing to leave. I would much prefer to find something in caches that I hunt! :huh:

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i like to grab the good stuff and leave such treasures as:


a broken crayon

a half used eraser

a hand full of grass (the kind you can easily pull from the ground, not the kind you're thinking off)

discarded pieces of twine

a pen that doesn't work anymore

maybe 2 or 3 random cards from a deck

a nice looking rock from near the cache site


you know. things i'm sure others will enjoy.


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Remember also that trading items is not required. Only once have I ever taken anything. That was one of the time my wife was with and we found a plastic key fob that said Illinois State Univ. (where my wife went). Luckily I happened to have some new pens with me so we left a couple of those. Other than that I have never taken anything. The main reason is that the hunt is the thrill for me and I don't really care what's in the cache or even if there is anything at all. Secondly, I really haven't found much that I would want. My son has more than once made the comment, "Looks like somebody cleaned out the back seat of their car and put it all in here." Plus, quite often I found the items in the cache to be deteriorated or damaged. In a recent find there was standing water in the cache container. Fortunately the log was sealed in a plastic bag and was in good condition but the same couldn't be said for the other items. Whatever that I may have left would soon be damaged like all the other stuff, so why bother?


Of course, how you enjoy this hobby is entirely up to you, but my method is to enjoy the hunt and enjoy being outdoor observing nature.

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I am loving reading all of this advice. My honey and I are new at this as well and we have just decided on decorating poker chips to take with us. They are light, dont take up much room and I saw a couple of really unique ones in the cache I found most recently. I think we would like to collect them and other signature items as we go as a memory of our caches that we find.

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Condoms, Pornography and Sex toys are among my favorites, but I've had a few complaints in the past...


But seriously, I do not see anything wrong with McToys. They get a bad wrap probably because the people that place them in caches haven't spent much time and/or creative energy coming up with them. I believe that they are good for the growing number of kids from famlies that have taken up the sport as a good quality family past-time.


I have recently discovered a large supply of keychain/lockets that I plan on making my signature item. I will place my avatar in the photo spot. Then the collector can decide if they want to keep the signature item or make it their own.


my 2 cents

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I'll add my two cents to this topic and take some new ideas.


I've found caching to be a great way to get rid of small toys, pins, buttons, trading cards <shock>items relating to my faith (including...gasp...small Bibles or NT's)</shock> and other items that I've collected over the years and just never wanted to throw away or had anyone give them to.


I'll also visit the dollar store or search for bargains at CVS, Wal-Mart, or such for various camping, outdoors, or patriotic type items. I often pick up new Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars to leave, especially if they under a buck. I once got a couple of dozen at a KB Toys that was going out of business for around 50 cents a pop.


I guess it would be simpler if I'd ever settled on some sort of signature item. The closest I've come to that were some Brain Injury Association wrist bands in honor of my wife and her struggles that last couple years. Turned one into a TB, too, so it could travel places she can't get to right now.


Back on point, I seldom take swag myself, but always like to be prepared. Partly becasue I often cache with my son (JuniorNimrod) or will just leave stuff to improve the state of the cache.


Basically, I'll leave anyting I can get my hands on failry inexpensively (or free) that I think someone might think, "hey, cool."



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This has been an interesting read. I have found

1 I can find a cache and not take anything

2 I can leave some interesting items

3 I am not the only newbie

4 I am not going to be the last newbie.

5 I need to return my unit and buy a cheaper more sensible gps


Now, my question is: Somewhere above a mention was made of junk in the cache. Can I not clean it out and replace it with good stuff? If it is all wet , dirty or whatever, can it be replaced with other items or is that bad form? I would fix it to make it better for the next person, but is this a no no? Should I just locate the owner and advise?


thanks again,


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Being what a would say is a helpful cacher, i would remove and carry out maintenance on a cache in bad form if the owner had not done anything. If the owner is a regular cacher though leave it to them. Back on topic;

Gemstones, shells, cars, marbles, balloons, colouring pencils, bouncy balls, glow sticks, whistles, army men, mctoys, cds, dvds, books, stickers and thats just a small selection.

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Don't leave anything liquid; it can leak and make the cache all messy. (Cache owners hate that!) Don't leave anything scented; it might attract critters, or else just stink up the cache. McToys are GREAT (I've got kids!), just be sure they are clean, intact, and functional. (Come to think of it, that goes for ANYTHING you leave in a cache.) I like to carry a variety of toy and non-toy items of different value, just so I'm always prepared to trade for whatever my kids pick. I enjoy finding signature items.


Just to clarify on a couple of comments I've read in this thread. Travel Bugs and geocoins are NOT trade items. They are meant to travel from cache to cache; you aren't supposed to keep them. If you want to move one, go ahead! You don't need to "trade" to take it from a cache. When I first started caching, I had no idea what a travel bug was until I found one, brought it home, and looked it up on the website.


In short, anything you would enjoy finding would probably make a good trade item. <_<

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As geocaching is a family-friendly sport, I like to leave small toys. Most McToys are great. I say most because I don't leave the small plush ones (like beanie babies) or those with hair (like trollz). They can just get all icky with moisture.


I also will trade/leave my signature item which is a red or black ninja with our name on the base. These are small at about 1 inch in height. About the same size as those little green army men.


Just keep in mind there are kids that can find these; with adults or maybe just by accident. Couple things I have taken out of caches:


- Matches

- Razorblade scraper


Things we enjoy finding and trading:

- McToys

- pathtags and signature items

- Hot Wheels

- Action Figures

- beaded necklaces/bracelets

- us and foreign coins

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I'm new myself. Currently I'm leaving new in the box Hot Wheels cars. If the local store has a GTO in stock that is the one I buy, but any will do. I also leave a signature item I make that is about half the size of a business card and looks like my avatar on one side, text on the other.


My wife leaves a pencil topper shaped like a UFO. She bought a bunch of them in Roswell, NM.


What I would like to find is new AA batteries. I seldom take anything. My goal is for the kids to find neat stuff.

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i like to grab the good stuff and leave such treasures as:


a broken crayon

a half used eraser

a hand full of grass (the kind you can easily pull from the ground, not the kind you're thinking off)

discarded pieces of twine

a pen that doesn't work anymore

maybe 2 or 3 random cards from a deck

a nice looking rock from near the cache site


you know. things i'm sure others will enjoy.


YOU'RE the one that leaves the stuff my daughter insists on taking! :sad:

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We cache with our kids and the youngest (she's 4) pretty much always wants to trade for something, she prefers sparkly, shiny, pink or purple. We have a backpack full of trade items including kids toys such as motorcylces, bobble heads, action figures, McToys, etc. Often times the kids will trade for something at one cache and then trade it again at the next cache. I have a stash of a few new Master locks and also a few pairs of Harley Davidson sunglasses that I carry just in case I come across something I just have to trade for.


We have also left $5 bill (worth about 70 cents here) from Guatemala that always get grabbed by the next finder. My wife is going down there again next week and I'm going to have her bring back a handful.


We just found a cache that was hidden in the hills in dense oak brush, somehow an acorn from the brush had gotten into the cache. My 4 year old just had to have the acorn (there were 400 bazillion acorns in the oak brush). So I guess acorns could make cool swag too:)

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