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iPAQ rx5900 & MemMap

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I recently treated myseld to an HP iPaq rx5900. I loaded MemMap onto it, the problem is... when I am out walking the red circle that denotes my position appears to be about 30 seconds to a minute behind me. eg if I am walking along a path and come to a junction and , say, turn right, and continue walking a minute or so later the circle is only just reaching the junction I earlier passed.

I never had this problem with my old pda. Is it something I have missed whilst setting the machine up (probably ;) ) or possibly a hardware or software problem? (hope not ;) )

The TomTom appears to be ok but I've only used that aspect once so cannot guarantee that 100%


Secondly, On my previous pda MemMap was set up so that a red line would be left on the map showing where I had already been (great for retreading my route back to the car), I seem to have lost that facility at present I've been through all the menus I can think of but with no success. It's so long since I programmed my original machine that I've forgotten how it's done. Doh! :D

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Install MMSirfSetup, available free, direct from Memory Map :




Obviously you will need to install it on your PC then whap it over to your PDA.


On your PDA, run MMSirfSetup before you run Memory Map, and turn Static Navigation off.


If you use TomTom, or go above a certain speed, your unit will default to turn Static Navigation back on again.


You need to close Memory Map before you run MMSirfSetup.

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