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Red Jeep Photo Contest

Discovery Scout

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Yea! We can now see all the American Heritage pictures. Above is my picture. I went with the Jeep Jamboree theme. This is a real Jeep tradition, and Jeep is American! <_< It took me six hours to prepare for this shot, including making the props, trail, and taking photos from several points of view. I hope you like it as much as I had fun taking it.


Please Nominate my photo. I would appreciate any of your nominations! Thanks!

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If you click on the links each person provided in their post, it will take you to their page. You will see a "Nominate for Winner" highlighted in red under the picture. Simply click on that to vote. You only get one vote but you can change it later if you change your mind, which is nice.


You can also see all the nominations here:




Lots of great pics!

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Thanks for posting the picture. One day I'll figure it out!



Once you post your photo to the internet drill down to the photo until the weblink has the jpg extension (photo.jpg). On a TB page you may have to find it via the View the Gallery link since clicking on the photo usually gives you that pop-up view.


Select and copy that photo.jpg link and when you post, on the tool bar just above where you type is an image of a tree. Click that and paste in your photo.jpg link. Click Okay.


Then you can type in any comments and submit. That's it!

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Since BlueDeuce was kind enough to explain how to post images instead of links, I am adding my images so it's easier. Thank you BlueDeuce.


Here is the submission from my roommate (he's new to caching and really hooked). ab03350c-dfe2-4007-91e0-a78077fa0261.jpg


the955iman submission


Here is mine.



My submission


We appreciate any votes.


**Edited to add links to pics.

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Does anyone know when the monthly winners will be posted? For "American Heritage" it said they would be chosen on 8-31-07 but I don't see anything in the Winners Gallery...


If someone won, please post your pic! I'd love to see it and say congrats. :laughing:

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Here is my "No Boundaries" contest entry entitled "Thelma and Louise Go Geocaching".


Vote here




This shot took many attempts. Originally I tried shooting the objects separately and photoshopping them together. Then I read the contest rules which prohibited that so back to the drawing board. Next I tried running the jeep off a ramp, but it was way too hard to time the shutter for the right position. Also, it was too hard to include the broken fence part. So then I tried using transparent tape to hold the jeep and fence in place. This idea was promising, but the tape was too visible against the background. At least I could position them though! Finally I used fishing line to suspend the fence and jeep and tag. You can still see it, but it's not too bad. I was going to suspend the gps info too, but the wind was blowing it all over the place, so I taped it to the fence instead. I took a whole bunch of shots with different angles and decided on this one. The site for this shot is GC13316, ODS: Heron Two. I have no clue where I got the idea from. It just popped into my head. Wish me luck!

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My "Only in a Jeep" submission.


My picture is based on an actual situation with my ex. He got his Dodge and our travel trailer stuck in a field and I had to tow them out with my Wrangler because it was the only vehicle that wouldn't sink in the mud.


Nomination Link


And I agree Discovery Scout, I would love to see the winners pics.

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Yea! :D Thanks for posting the winners link. I had no idea that I won Runner Up. :( That is really cool. The most I have ever won was a CD in High School. lol <_<


My wife, Sunshine Sassafras, won first place! She found out by email last week. We are both very excited. However, now I have to put up with her taunts that her picture is better. lol I have to admit though that she has some awesome ideas for her photos. She is a good photographer and wife. Especially since she is carrying our first baby, due Valentine's Day. :(


Thanks to Groundspeak, Jeep, and all the great geocachers!



P.S. My wife says thank you too, however she can't access the forums through her account. There is an error somewhere that can't seem to be fixed.

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