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Lilypad Cache Geocoin


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~The Lilypad Cache Geocoin~


I wanted to try something a little different and fun this time around, caching related but on the nature and fun side, and to pay a little homage to the Mothership (Groundspeak). It's a pretty simple design and filled with the translucents that I have come to love with plenty of textures underneath too (although it is hard to tell with the current picture but they are there! I used 3 different textured backgrounds.)


Coins are slated to arrive some time in late September, I will send out invoices after I inspect the coins to make sure there are no problems. For those of you who ordered other coins in conjunction with this one, I will invoice everything as 1 group and ship together to save you $$$ unless you request otherwise.


The numbers you see below are what was minted but I opened up reservations awhile back so the numbers currently are about half of what you see (for those who looked up my website, you could have placed an early reservation), I'll update this thread as needed and I'll post a link shortly for this particular coin. Thanks all...


Please do not email me through my profile, there is an address posted above the cut and paste section for reservations.





Total mint = No remints!: 300 geocoins total


150 Antique Copper


125 Gold


25 Shiny Silver (tsun version, available through me only, trade list established.)


1.75" and 3mm, trackable w/ unique icon


Pricing is as follows:


$8.25 per coin


Shipping Price:


US $2.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin


International $3.00 first coin + .50 each additional coin


Please cut and paste the following info. in your email and send to tsunrisebey@gmail.com with Lilypad Geocoin in subject line:


Paypal address:


Geocaching Name:


Real Name:


Shipping address:


Number of coins and metals choice:






I only have the silver version sample photo but expect the gold and the antique copper photos some time this week, so you'll have to use your imagination a little bit here:)



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This coin looks wonderful! Made my reservation just before the first photographs of it showed up :D




Guess you got some dedicated followers T-Sun :D ...Guess they know your taste in coins! ;)


If you skwint your eyes really tight...it looks likes a GREEN PIZZA...Mmmmmm Green Pizza... ;):D:D:D



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Wow, these got here sooner than I had expected, they showed up unexpectedly today and boy they turned out really nice. I'll try to start some invoices rolling out tonight, and some on Sunday, and througout the rest of the next week (although I work pretty quickly, Sorry, Saturday is a football game, geocoins fall to the way side, lol). I'll be invoicing for both the Lilypad and Tatanka coins in the same invoice, all coins will ship together. Coins ship out the next business day after payment is made.


Thanks again for the reservations all. Both the Lilypad Cache and Tatanka Pejulas have all been reserved.


~tsun :lol:

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