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What does your Geocoin heart Desire?


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Where oh where can you 'order' an Earth Turtle?, pray do tell I would love one of those cuties.


Sorry Jan, you missed the boat, all the 2008 sold out already. In less than 5 minutes boy was I busy all day yesterday. :D

WHAT??? this has to be a joke!!!! I was in an airplane flying over the Atlantic...and i've been checking everyday since i've gotten home. How could I have totally missed this?

GG... it was a joke, no worries :D .

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Sorry, should have come back on here and made it clear I was kidding around... no ET's 2008 have been sold :D


Oh that was so mean...I need to get my heart checked out now! :D

Now I don't even want one...(reverse psychology still works on my youngest son :D )


Here is my revised list:

Geocoin Bug-mystery coin

Sopranos event coin

Tatanka Petjula coin

Wildlife Muggles Bucky Beaver

New mermaid coin-coming out soon! Hoping to get one for Cinnabear too!

Pacific Jamboree coin (scouts)


2007 MnGA coin (aurora borealis)

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Right now my geocoin heart desires my son ans daughter-in-law to get their baby in April, please have a good thought for them, it's been 7 years...


Oh and to stay on topic a black Jangor Kitty cat :D


We will definitely be sending good thoughts and prayers for your son and daughter-in-law! We had quite a long wait before we got minikyk, too. :D

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I'd really like to have a Twin Peaks Geocoin in my collection.

I was a big fan of the series and the coin looks awesome. :D

I've been seeking this coin for more than a year now...



Got an e-mail from Twin Peaks himself and he's going to send me one of his coin. :D

That's so generous. :D

Thank You so much Twin Peaks.


Now, what does my Geocoin heart desire ??? :D


Yes I found it !!! :D My geocoin heart now desire a new coin : The GEOCACHING JEDI Geocoin. :D

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Hmmm........... my wish list........ is pretty long.......but..... it's a wish, LOL!


Pathtags...I LOVE them!


Joe Frog

Mount10Bike - any version

Geocoin Club ammo can (2005)

Compass Rose 2005

Earth Turtle - any

Loggerhead coin -any one

Captain Prozac - hey a gal can dream can't she?

Remember 9-11 gold


AT Trail GA

AT Trail MD




any parrots/birds


Black Jeep -tried to get one on the math trade and wound up w/a couple of colors, but not black, LOL!

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Right now I'd love any pathtag because I've never actually held one in my hands and would love to see one.

Same here i love pathtags have a couple and would love more. problem is i dont have my own and cant afford it so i gues im S.O.L.




I know you have more than a couple pathtags, infact a lot. Seen you working at MWGB.

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Oh drat! now I gotta add this one and the Jedi coin to my heart's desire list. :rolleyes:

What is this coin and where can i find one???? :lol::):)


That would be the SnowWolf


Thanks!! will keep my eyes open! B)


I contacted snowwolf about their coin and they don't have any left for traders. Gonna have to keep our eyes open for one of these. :lol:


My heart desires the THX4TC Jeeps in the colors that I don't have..

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Did you say Geo Jellies - Got my first ones also - they are awesome - Need to build a collection like I see above.


Still hunting for one of those Tiki Stones, Enigma Coin, maybe a Nero V1 and a GeoDiamond. Maybe a PathTag or Three.


Plus I gotta find that ROT13 Bottle Opener Coin / Tag / Keyring.

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My hearts desire is definetely ANY Lackey coin, but I doubt that I'll be meeting any lackeys any time soon :D.


Yes, I really like the 2007 Lackey coins. Can you only get them if you visit HQ?

No - sometimes they just send them out as thank yous :D They are not in short supply - Signal owns at least 1000

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