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What does your Geocoin heart Desire?


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What an interesting topic! I just started geocaching and I never realized there are so many amazing coins. I have managed to get a few I really wanted off ebay. What I would really like is a Dark Side of the Cache coin. I will have to keep looking on ebay for a (hopefully) reasonable price.

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My hubby and I are new to geocaching, and have only found a few. Its been great fun for our family. My user name here and on most all sites is MSJeepGurl, cause I love my Jeep! So, my desires for my coins are JEEPS!!! And I'd like to get any with turkeys on them for hubby. I put my bid in on my first coin tonight on ebay, and its a jeep one! Crossing my fingers that its the first on many I come to own. B)

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There are a series of coins that I so desperately want to have someday in my collection. But to truly understand why I have to tell the back story.


My grandparets built a cabin on Woodbury Pond in Litchfield, Me. All 5 of there children helped build it. My Grammie was a smart woman she knew that most of her flock would leave home and that this would always be a great place to come back to.


Sure enough my father, the oldest ended up coming to NY after Vietnam. Lucky for me he did. Many summers we spent heading up to that camp. Many memories between Litchfield, Randolph, Augusta, and Boothbay.


Sadly my Grammie passed away in 02 and my Grandfather didn't have the heart to keep the camp. We just lost him this past August. When I get lonely for them I look on the map. Since we had the oldest home on the road they named it for us, Weed Rd. (Yeah I know thats why my premarriage caching name was weedster.)


Someday I hope to have all of kayakerinme coins. They are all beautiful on there own but when put together its like all the happy childhood memories of Maine all strung together for me. Okay, the only thing missing is the lobster :grin: oh and the clams :) oopps can't forget the salt potatoes.


Silly post huh but thats why its my hearts desire.

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Thanks everyone who has been trading with me to fill my geocoin heart's desires. :grin::)


My newest obession is pathtags. I love them and think that they are sooooo cute!! We started receiving a few with some trades and they are just adorable!!


We'd be more than happy to send you one of ours if we haven't.


Which reminds me that I was supposed to resend PTs to the Tank Hounds today... !

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I'll have to find out more about these coins but I just saw one on the e-place and it sure looks nice. My daughter (Marshmallow) just loves it...so to the top of the list it goes.


Sylvan Seekers Trickel v1


Edit...just found out there is a Miisha too for my list

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The coins we desire the most right now are:


Turkey Day 2007


Grey Owl's Beaver Lodge - Trade in process


Kuntry Kashin


Smokey the Bear


Schuylkill County Geocachers


Alaska 2008 - Received this coin from the WEGE Missions. Thank you so much Menace66 :P


Feb. 2006 Ghosts of Geocaching Past - Trade in process


Still looking fot the others

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The new Tiki Stacker, can't wait to get one.




Is this suppose to be a wish list for new coins coming out or older coins you missed out on?


What ever your geocoin heart desires :laughing: !


MMmmmmmmmm.......Now that is what I call a COIN


Seen tons of others I love also but that is Special!!!

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