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Good lamp post caches

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This weekend, with temps at 110, we opted for park and grab lamp post caches. Today I drove past an old cache, which we had done when we first started caching. It is a lamp post cache but not the usual parking lot caches of today. This one was in the middle of a rose garden. This cache is in the Phoenix area.

The cache.


I would like to hear from others who have found lamp post caches that were good caches.

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I have found this lamp post cache you speak of. It is in a very nice area. I've always had a soft spot for lamp post caches because they are actually really good hiding spots. I have never heard of a lamp post cache being muggled. Anyway, there is a lamp post mystery cache in our area that is very well done by Desert Otter. Here's the link: Fun LPC

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I suppose it depends on your sense of humor - one LPC near me is stuffed with 25 film canisters, one of which contains the log.


Lift the skirt and all 25 canisters spill out, into a parking lot in front of a mall, so you're on your hands and knees digging through them looking for the log, then trying to get them all crammed back under the skirt without any falling out, all the while KNOWING that you are the focus of the world's attention!


Having described it I can't now identify it, but will tell you that it's been out a year, visited often, finders like it and if it has ever been left a mess I didn't hear about it, and I probably would.


If you have a sense of humor it's a great cache, if not it could be a real PITA; like all caches, 'good' LPCs are in the eye of the beholder.

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