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paperless caching


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In the past when I would build a pocket quary it had a box that I could check to also send it in ebook formant, then I would convert it in cachemate converter then send it to my Palm. Well I can no longer find that little box when I get my quary, am I just missing it? If not how do you do it know? THANKS

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This is the best article that I have found about paperless caching. It has step by step graphics to walk you through the process.


It seems that most people use GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to organize all your cache data and Pocket Q's and Cachemate to work with the file on your Palm or Pocket PC. With this set up you only have to download the Pocket Querry once into GSAK. From there you can send the info to your Palm by simply choosing File - Export - CacheMate PDB file. And then you are ready to hot sync with your Palm! It's just that easy.

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CacheMate also converts GPX files, so you can run the PQ's GPX file through CacheMate and get it onto your PDA.


GSAK is a nice program, but it isn't necessary for paperless caching. You can get a PQ of your target area and load the resulting GPX file directly into your PDA and GPSr.


GSAK is very helpful in two situations:


(1) If you want to keep a local database of hundreds (or thousands) of caches, GSAK can do it.


(2) If you are on an extended road trip (as we are at the moment), GSAK makes a good offline GPX viewer. Before we left, I created routes for each leg of our trip, then set up a pocket query for each route. I'm having Groundspeak generate the PQ for each leg the night before we need it. So, each morning, I clear the GSAK database from yesterday and load the PQ that Groundspeak generated last night. Once in the car, we pop open the laptop and start looking for good caches along the route. Since we have about 50 caches on each leg, it's easier to look at them on the laptop in the car, rather than having to hunt through a list on our PDA.

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