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Altruism Vs. Egoism Contest.


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I want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. It was fun to read all of the posts and all of the nice things you all wrote about others. There were over 200 people nominated through the forum & also privately through email. All of the winners have been notified via email and I've listed their names below.


Yellow Seahorse - Rediguana

Copper Piranha - Cheesy Pigs

LE Arabian Surgeonfish - Tadpole379

Earth Turtle - Shop99er

Rot13 Dragon Spinner - Cacheuman


And the winner of the set of sample Anubis geocoins was 57Chevy.


Congratulations to all the winners. Is so nice to see that there are so many wonderful people among us. I feel very lucky to call many of you my friends :)

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Thank you for the cointest Karma!!!


Its nice to win, but even if I don't its still fun to play! And with cointests like this one, you get the added bonus of being able to say something nice about someone you care about or who has made your life better in some way. And I am sure when they read what you wrote about them, it will make them smile. Good feelings all around! B)


Congrats to all the other winners!!! :D:DB):):D

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Yep, definitely a great contest. Running it all month gave us time to think about the nominated folks more often then not and maybe some reflected on the better things this forum brings to our lives.


Congrats to those who won the coins and I will add that we are all winners if we have met or had the pleasure of interacting with any of the nominated folks.


Thanks Karma! :)

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Yellow Seahorse - Rediguana


Wow, how completely random and an unexpected surprise! Certainly brought a smile to my day! Thanks to Cheesy Pigs for nominating me!


Congratulations to everyone else that got nominated and those that were lucky like me.


Finally, thanks to Dorkfish for running the contest!


Cheers Gavin

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:o Thanks Dorkfish! :ph34r: It is so nice of you to share your AE geocoins! This was a great competition, and I dont think I've ever read a nicer or more interesting thread! The winners sure were spread right around the world! I just wish I had finished my nominations....I missed the USA people! :(


Also a huge thanks to those who nominated me :(:D


Congratulations to all those who won, were nominated, and did the nominating! :D

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Congrats to everyone!!!! Cool thread Karma!!! Sorry I didn't nominate others....there are just too many kind people out there and I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving anyone out. It sure was interesting to think of the difference between altruism and egoism though....good thread!!! My brain usually doesn't go that deep so thanks for making me smarter LOL :ph34r:

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