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Any caterpillar experts in the house?

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OK, so we were out caching.


He goes to grab a branch to move it out of the way, and screams in terror!!!!!!


I spin around, look to see what happened, thinking a snake got him or soemthing.


He's holding his hand, screaming, crying, sweating, and shaking violently.


I get him calmed down enough to talk, and he tells me something on the branch bit him on the finger.


So I look on the branch, and I see nothing. No snakes, no hornets, no bees, nothing.


So I look again, and lo and behold, there is a little caterpillar sitting there.


I'll explain this thing in as best detail as I can, in hopes someone can identify it.


Imagine a shiny bright green leaf.

Now roll the leaf into the size and shape of a cigarette butt.

Now on both ends, imagine 2 brown spots for eyes.

Now on those 4 brown spots, imagine 8-12 1/4" long spikes.

The spikes were also brown.


I wish I woulda taken a pic of this thing, but my sons screaming made me want to get out of there ASAP.


Anyone have a clue what kind of caterpillar this thing is?

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I got stung by quite a few caterpillars when I was living in New Orleans. For a few weeks a year, there are horrible brown spiky caterpillars all over the place. I have no idea what they are called, though. Their spikes look a lot like the ones in the photos you found, but they don't have that green saddle around the middle-- they are purely black/brown. Hate those things.

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Guess this is old news...didn't see the replies.


Did you ever figure out what it was? I've handled a wide range of them but never been bitten. Any chance he could have been stung instead of bitten? Here's some pictures that I looked up for that variety. I used to work in natural history museum and have an interest in the little beasts. Hope all turned out ok.






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Eww, thos look nasty, can't say that I have ever run into one of those.


But down here in Houston there is an infestation of tent caterpillars going on right now. When you walk through the woods these things crawl all over you, I have had several somehow magically appear on the back of my neck. They don't feel pleasent! But they are harmless. Actually, they are kind of pretty, very colorful. I will have to take some pictures. But I sure hope that I don't run into a saddle back, if I do I will be sure to avoid it!

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