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Am I expecting too much from City Navigator?

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After getting caught in a road that ended yesterday I thought I might drop $300 on City Navigator Australia, but when I checked the sample on Garmin's website, it showed a through road even though a free online mapping program showed the road ending. (see photo)


I'd be pretty annoyed if I spent $300 on full mapping only to find myself getting stuck in dead ends that are already published. Note this is not a recent closure or anything. It would seem that the rest of the road has never been built.


Is this just an unlucky anomaly or am I expecting too much from City Navigator? btw, Sensis, who make this map for Garmin are an Australian organisation.



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It looks to me like the online map doesn't show the road ending, but just changing type, perhaps to a gravel road.


Nonetheless, onlline maps do have the advantage of being updated when the source gets updated. However, a purchased map, whether it be City Navigator or anything else must be finalized at a given edition, so they can go to production and sale and are stuck with that until an update is produced, which then must be somehow aqcuired by the person who purchased it.


For the most part, I'd say it is an unluck anomaly, of which there are probably a few in both systems. At the rate construction and destruction of roads occurs, it's pretty tough to keep everything up to date and perfect all the time.

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I find it questionable at times also. The street I live on and all the streets my entire neighborhood is not on CN. These are paved established streets that have been here 15-20 years. When it provides directions on how to get here it runs you several miles away to another neighborhood that doesn't even have any connecting streets into here.

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Nimnifnof, I feel better now.



Yeah, that's the map I used when I went yesterday and got stuck twice in dead end streets. Google maps is not that crash hot.


I then checked whereis.com that came up with this more accurate map. And this is the company (Sensis) that Garmin uses to make their maps for Australia, so I was expecting the same level of accuracy as they already have on their database.

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