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Let's see your favorite Geocaching photographs.

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Hi There,


One of our favorite segments to geocaching is taking photographs and browsing other geocachers profiles to take a look a the recent additions to their galleries.


Now we've created a photography group on the photosharing website, Flickr, for everyone to post their favorite Geocaching and Waymarking pictures in all their Hi-res glory. The link to the group is http://www.flickr.com/groups/geosouthafrica/.


Hopefully the group will also spark some interest in Geocaching in the Photographing community. Registration only takes a minute and is free.


Some of our Faves from the group:



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Yes, we would love for non South-Africans to join the group, as long as the photo's that are submitted are taken while Geocaching or Waymarking in South Africa, or if you find something relating to South Africa in another country we would also love to have the photo included in the group.

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Haven't had the opportunity to cache in South Africa so I will just wait. Maybe someday.


Hi webscouter,


There are a few other Geocaching groups on Flickr, the main, non-regional, group can be found at http://www.flickr.com/groups/geocaching/. If you're looking for a more specific group try this link, groups have been created for the UK, Montana, Pensylvania, Denmark and many more. I'm sure you will be able to find a group to join.


Also take a look at the Waymarking group, it only has 25 odd members, but we're all very active and September 1st was the beginning of our first ever Monthly Photo Scavenger Hunt.


Still, please join the SA group, if you ever stumble upon a Travel Bug from our beautiful country we would love to see it make an appearance in our pool.


Keep Well,


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Oooh Vespax, a digital camera is so coool. Just click away and discard later what is no good, no hassles with photo labs. Image stabilization etc. , enjoy the new addiction. :)


Thanks. Just updating from my previous digital camera to a newer, much better one now. It takes really great pics and videos! 7.2 megapixel Canon. :)

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Hi Vespax. An addiction with file sizes of 70+megs for RAW, I also need to join a Photoshop forum group just to learn the "tricks". Know of any PS forums? One just have to go and drop off some geocoins in those beautiful but already found caches, for the view! :)


Hi Leon,


There are many tutorials on the web for Photoshop and the other photo editing software, do a search on Google and it will return thousands of results. If you don't have a copy of Photoshop and want a good Freeware program, try using The GIMP, I also have a copy of photoshop, but I've found The GIMP to be easier to use and is regulary updated.


Here's a link to the Photoshop Support Group, which has a very active forum expaining some of the photoshop techniques.

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Thanks TGF, I will look the support group up soon. Now where can I find another 4 hours to the time of day? :laughing:


Been to that support group, better make it 6 hours per day needed. :ph34r:


Hee Hee, It's quite addictive.


If you want to waste a few more hours every day, take a look at Photojojo, it's a free photographing newsletter which usually comes out once a week.

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