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Garmin 60csx Belt Clip

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A couple of weeks ago the belt clip for my Garmin 60csx snapped after getting snagged on a branch. I was bummed because I use it all the time and find it very handy to click the GPS back onto my belt when I need my hands free (usually to open a cache). After searching online I found that new clips cost around $10 plus shipping.


While my girl was dragging me around the discount store yesterday I found a whole rack of these cell phone clips for cheap. They were all the same and looked exactly like the 60csx clip so I got one and tried it out. Amazingly it worked perfectly and now I have a new clip. Great! :)


So I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem. If there is interest out there then I'll just go buy the whole rack from the discount store and send em out to you guys for $5 a piece plus shipping. Not sure how much shipping would be, but they are pretty small. The clip doesn't include the the nubby piece that screws into the GPS.


Let me know.


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I have acquired a couple of these bundled in with adhesive dash mounts (for the button), both of different makes to the Garmin one. One arrived broken, and the other isn't as good as the Garmin for remaining clipped to whatever you clip it on. It kind of slides off after a while. There may well be better alternative makes out there, but to be on the safe side if I were in need of a replacement belt clip, I'd pay the extra and go with Garmin.

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