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I have the basic yellow Garmin etrex. I am noticing that it really goes bonkers in the heavy bush. I dont have tons of money to buy an expensive model. Is it normal for the etrex to go bonkers in the woods? What models go bonkers? What models dont have any trouble with heavy bush? Without spending a ton of money what is a good one to get? TIA.

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The newer "x" models have updated chipsets that do a better job of holding the signal. I noticed when I went from a 76CS to a 76CSx that I get much better signal lock and have far fewer problems with tree cover, etc. If you don't want to spend the bucks for an upgraded unit then just learn to live with it. 400 bazillion caches have been found with the same unit you are using so it's obvious that the newest and best upgrades aren't really needed.

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