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Braving the Briars Geocoin


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I would like to have made a personal coin representing my cache name, but the logos of PSU are copywritten, thus not allowing me to create a trackable coin. I thought of something that represents my caching experience and I did not have to look far as I can see the scars I have accumulated over the past year. "Braving the Briars" I am sure is something that we have all done while tracking down the find!!!! The coin has an ammo can on the back side hidden by Briars with my cache name on the can "PSU Fan". The other side has the briars moved out of the way of the open container, but not without difficulty.


Coin details:


1 5/8" diameter

3 mm width

Metal finishes are Gold, Black Nickel, and Antique Silver

Trackable at Geocaching.com with Icon




$8.50 per coin + $2.00 shipping for the first coin and $0.50 for each additional coin within the USA. Canadian and the UK please add $1.00 per order.














Please email me at didsdmb@yahoo.com with any questions or to request an invoice. I will be billing through PayPal.


I have the coins in hand and ready to ship immediately!!!





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Will you be doing any trades? I'd like a gold one :D

I am willing to trade, however please look at my seek list, link on my signature. I may trade for coins not on my seek list, so please email me with your request.







How many of the gold were minted?


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I have minted 300 coins at this time. I do not plan on re-minted, however if the opportunity were to present itself, the remint would not exceed 500 coins.


The quantities of the coins that I am selling are:


100 Antique Silver

75 Black Nickel

75 Gold





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I have mailed out all the coins that I have received paid invoices as well as all current trades made. I sent out emails to everyone whose packages went out today. I still have all 3 metals finishes available, however the Gold coins are going faster than I expected.


Thanks again everyone,



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