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Nokia N95

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Does anyone here use a Nokia N95 for caching? I've found the GPS bit on my phone after several months and activated it but it has co-ordinates for N and E?


Please help


Cat princess :lol:




Paul of team TRaMP has set up his N95 and finds it very good. He has even persuaded Clive to write a GSAK macro for it :D - check in the GSAK forums for that.


I can't give a lot of details since I use other hardware - if you need more, post here again and I will try to persuade Paul to reply with details.:D



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Yes you can. :D

Go to Tools from the main menu, then scroll down to GPS Data.


There you will find your position status (in decimal only - N00.00000 E0.00000). Unfotunatley, it cannot be set to OSBG or DDD MMM.MMM formats we all know and love. The accuracy is a bit poor at times.


In that menu, you can also navigate to 'landmarks' or geocaches using a clumsy compass screen.


I have also found that the GPSr in the phone is a bit poo, not coping well with trees or body blocking. Lastly, if you plan on using it for caching, make sure you have a charger for the car, or a spare battery with you because it really eats up battery life!


It can be done, but in emergencies only, I guess. Nothing beats a dedicated GPSr!

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I considered getting an N95 but didn't in the end as I heard the GPS not so fab.

I have the 6110 Navigator which we're using fairly successfully.


However I assume the GPS bit is fairly similar and although it gives you N and E by default you can toggle the E to W using the * or # keys.


And although it does use decimal degrees rather than degrees minutes.mm you can set up a simple spreadsheet that will do conversions.


Although it's not going to be as accurate as a dedicated GPS unit (I can only do 4dp on my conversions) part of the fun is hunting in the identified search area so no major problems there.




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I found my first cache today with my N95 :D - took me to within a meter of the location and in woodland!


I'm new to gps so it took me a while to work out how to use it - to switch between N/S and W/E just press any number on the keypad to toggle.


To enter a postion as a landmark on he handset goto:

Menu > Tools > Landmarks - Then select Options > New Landmark > Enter manually

You can now enter name, cat, etc and scroll down to Latitude and Longitude (use # for the dot)


Once you have saved it the Landmark can be accessed via the Maps program (Menu > Maps) and the GPS Data app (Menu > Tools > GPS Data)


Hope the above helps those who need it,

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I considered getting an N95 but didn't in the end as I heard the GPS not so fab.

I have the 6110 Navigator which we're using fairly successfully.


The two phones apparently have the same GPS chipset. The 6110 is better because it has what Nokia call Assisted-GPS where it uses the network to help determine position.

There's recently been a firmware upgrade made available for the N95 to give it the same functionality.

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