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.loc file of my benchmark finds?

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I was trying to find an "easy" semi automated way to update my GSAK database and mark my benchmark finds.


Anyone have any suggestions?


My plan was to simply download the .loc file and then when I open it have it flag them. However, when you search for benchmarks by user the "download all results to *loc file" button is missing. I have the d/l boxes, but checking them does no good without a buttom to download them...


Any suggestions?

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boy do I feel silly... I spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out, then finally break down and post for help. I clicked back to the other screen and now see the "download waypoint file" down at the bottom left of the screen.

So never mind that question...


But if anyone has any good suggestions for an automated way to mark all my benchmark finds as found in GSAK I would love any suggestions.

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I don't use the gc website much for bm .loc's; but I do I have an idea.

If you download a .loc after you've logged (are those logs included in .loc's?), you could search or run a macro thru GSAK to find your logs and/or a keyword in them and then flag as found.


I just manually update them as found in GSAK.


Also, from My Account on gc; you can select all logs you've made by benchmark - might help find the ones you've logged.

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