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Nominate a friend cointest

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This cointest will close on August 31st, 2007 (Friday) at 12 midnight MST


I will be giving away 1 Tatanka Pejula, nontrackable geocoin, per week, for the next 3 weeks (3 coins total). There are 3 different versions, for this week, I will be giving away the Gold version. These coins are not in hand yet but are expected sometime in mid to late Sept. and will be mailed out when they arrive.


Tatanka Pejula means; 'Buffalo Medicine' in Lakota (Sioux), this is a very sacred animal to most Native American Indian tribes, the white buffalo being the most sacred. Le mita cola means; 'My Friend' in Lakota. I did this design as a way to honor our friendships with others. You can learn a little bit more about them if you do a little bit of digging or by emailing me and I can point you in the right direction



So with the above written, here is what you need to do; The idea is honor your friends/family. Please nominate someone who you feel deserves to be recognized as a good friend, I also ask that you write a little something about that person. You can be brief or as descriptive as you want. The idea here is to let your friends know that they have made your life happier. The person with the most nominations will receive the coin. Now, I realize that some may consider this a popularity contest, it is NOT meant to be that. The way I prefer to look at this is; for every person who's name is nominated, that person will probably smile when they see their name and for a brief moment just feel good about themselves. In my book, that's worth something

<_< So, please don't be shy, life's too short to sit on the sidelines. YOU can nominate up to three people this week. The next contest will be slightly different but based on the same premise.


Here is the Gold version. 1.5", buffalo shaped, white imitation hard enamels w/ red translucent arrow; on the back is translucent purple. Colors, shape and wording are all significant with these little guys. Thanks to those who nominate people! ~tsun





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I nominate Caching Coins


When I first started out collecting coins, and posting in these forums there wer times that I had some "rough" times on these boards. She was the first to drop me a line to tell me not to take anything to heart here and not give up my addiction of coins. I can never repay her for what she did to keep me plugging on in here. It might not seem like she did a whole lot but trust me it's more than you think. Not to mention her always willing to buy coins that the proceeds go to great causes.




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I nominate -Eleanor-. She'll never get enough votes, but she's still number one in my book. She motivates me in ways she'll never know, and I couldn't pick a better trail companion. We purposely didn't take photos on the hike to the Gerbil Cache, but it's days like that where you find out what matters. For those of you that haven't heard that story, that was 6 miles round trip, in 12 inches of snow, with lots of elevation (hard for us flatlanders to estimate elevation, but I'd guess 400ft? :rolleyes: )

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It's great to have friends, and that in itself is thanks enough for me, but in order to win you have to play, so here are my nominations (in no particular order)


I'd like to thank Chris Mackey (FoxandtheHound). His genuine friendship is a constant I know I will always have. I'm not the most talented coin designer, this I know, but he has stood beside me and pushed me to improve. It was his suggestion for me to take my ideas and put them into art, though an artist I am not. He's always got nothing but nice things to say and the sunniest outlook, even on the rainiest days. So Glad your my friend Chris!


I'd like to thank Steph (ParentsofSAM). She's been my "phone a friend" in more ways than one. I'd like her to know how much I will always appreciate and value that. And yes, she has a sunny outlook too, how can you not with such wonderful little girls! (I'd nominate each of them too if I had that many nominations!)


I'd like to thank Dennis (Damenace), it's totally a conspiracy on my part my friend! Another "Phone-a-friend" I couldn't make it without. Geeze what will I do for 2 weeks?! Come up with new conspiracies I suppose.


Also, not a nomination, but Thanks to you Steph for doing this, you are a bright star among the heavens! Thank you for reminding me to think about and thank my friends. It makes me feel good just doing it, so I hope it makes them feel good too!

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Wow, three votes only? This is going to be tough as there are far more than three people that I could nominate. I almost don't want to participate in fear of leaving somone out :rolleyes: .


This is just the first contest.... there are 2 more with different ways to nominate people. If you are not comfortable writing people down than you don't have too. I think Boo Boo being nominated would be your best bet <_<

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Wow, three votes only? This is going to be tough as there are far more than three people that I could nominate. I almost don't want to participate in fear of leaving somone out :anitongue: .


This is just the first contest.... there are 2 more with different ways to nominate people. If you are not comfortable writing people down than you don't have too. I think Boo Boo being nominated would be your best bet :anitongue:


I will only be able to participate in the first two, I will be out of town from the 9th thru the 21st. I will have to make these good.


Can we vote for someone more than once?

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Well i think i should do it ... i want to Nominate Damenace because he change way i think and he like to tease me when i ask ( :anitongue: ) so Damenace thank you for everything so you desrvce one :anitongue: God bless you :rolleyes: i don"t mind but i want to Please veryone who did to me since when i came here and beg ..... vnow i want to Honor all who CHange my thounT and my spell is still little bad but undertstood :( !!!! THX YA"LL !!!!!!!!

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Thanks for this wonderful idea Steph. That's very kind of you and such a great meaning behind the coin too.


Here are my 3 nominees for this week please: (sorry that I cannot mention everyone)


Lenore - Dressel Dragons : Lenore is a very generous person. She was the first one thet we traded coins with. She has been most generous with me and my daughter always sending little extras in our exchanges. She also does do a lot of work with local events (Take a Kid out Cachining) and to help promote Podcacher.


D@nim@l - For being so generous and sending us a coin on our seeking list without expecting anything in return...just like that mailed us a very hard to find coin. Thanks! :anitongue:


Dan - Dflye: Dan is so nice to trade with. We have traded multiple times now and he's such a nice person. Thanks for the many trades and for the quirky emails!! :anitongue: Plus he is also organizing a geocoin race...WTG!!


Sorry if I did not mention you. There are many people deserving of this coin....so many people have been nice, generous and have such great spirit!! Thank you to everyone!! :rolleyes::(

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Well lets see I don't think I can nominate tsun :( , I can't nominate myself because I don't fit any of the posted rules :( , and if I nominate one person from these forums I think some people would hunt me down :anitongue: . So on that note:



First, I nominate woletrap, he needs a little something to sooth his knuckles from defending these forums. :rolleyes:


Second, I nominate Arthur & Trillian, why you ask, well if you have to ask then you don't know. :(


Third, I will nominate booboo, because tsun said so and heck look at who her dad is. :anitongue:

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I gotta make this quick as for I have broken my alloted time allowance today :anitongue:


First off there are many firends here. And many who are deserving that I dont even know. But here goes with the 3 I will nominate.


Castleman- for me he has been a great person to deal with and has contributed so much...not only to this community, but to those around him as well. The Auction donations, raffles, and designs to more than worthy causes has made him quite deserving of any prize, but for me he has been a pretty good friend as well, he has showed me unusual generosity as far as the coins he makes and have been surprized multiple times with his random acts of kindness...Outside of that he's great to chat with and more than willing to take the time to talk about coin design and whatever else...I spent over an hour on the phone with him once and for him to have the time for his customers like that makes him a great buisness man as well. Really glad I got meet him at Geocoinfest.


Dorkfish- She was my first Geocoin friend and we met at the Temecula event just after Geocoinfest. I didnt even know I was talkin to Dorkfish till I saw her name tag down low on her shirt. We talked for awhile and have been friends ever since. She has also contibuted multiple times to the community and ensured well being amongst her friends...The list is a mile long, but she has done quite well in proving herself as a good person and a good friend to me. And she may be relocating close to me for some schooling!


GlennK721- As soon as we negotiated trades, we have been good friends who have talked about personal problems of which we both have experienced and have also helped each other in times of distress. He also has contibuted much and has proven worthy as a friend and as a dedicated member of this community. Very nice guy who cares about his friends and checks to make sure all is well.


Would like to elaborate more, but just got company and gotta run!...Thanks T-Sun for the chance to recognize our friends here.

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and sorry i other two more i am noinate Arthur & Trillian because he have good sence of heart even i don"t know him and i want to nomiunate Parnet of sam ... i do i want to meet all three but i am in alaska and want to make more friend ... so Prant ofd sam do litte mean but in other side it trust me ... To all other >>>>>>> THANK YOU FOR TRUST ME TO BECOME FORUM OF GEOCION <<<<<<<<<<

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I would like to nominate LoriDarlin.


I'm relatively new here, haven't made a lot of friends, hopefully I've made some friendly impressions, though, hehehe! I have a lot to learn about coins and collecting, but thanks to Lori, I've got a decent start!


We are pretty much perpetually broke, no one's fault, really, just one of those thangs - a family of 4 with one on the way living on a single income while hubby studies part time in addition to working full time to attain his dream of becoming a priest in the church here in Sweden.


Lori was so generous and sweet. I contacted her about her special personal coin that I took such a shine to and wanted to find a way to buy it, but she could only trade it. I had nothing to trade! NOTHING! I could send good vibes and prayers, but nothing else.


Lori took me under her wing, so to speak, and said she'd send me her coin as a gift. I was anticipating one coin, but nooooo, not from this generous soul!


I got two of her coins in different metals, poker chips, wooden nickles, three other trackable coins, and her sweet, funny personal coin in the mail about a week later!


You could have knocked me over with a feather! It was so generous and so nice and such a surprise!


I've since had the chance to talk with her over MSN a few times and have discovered that she and I share a lot of things in common, viewpoints and other things, and I feel so lucky to have stumbled across a person like that!


She is a blessing!




Steph, although it's your cointest, I'd nominate you... I have had very little contact with you, but I keep seeing the things you do for others and the way that you leave a smile on their faces, from your cointests to what you did for Donutdog to the photos you post of your beautiful area! I think you, too, are a blessing here, and you should know it!




Hopefully someday I'll have the opportunity to meet many of you when we head back over the pond... until then you're always welcome to visit here!


Naomi aka Mousekakat

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I would like to nominate Danoshimano. As a newcomer to the geocaching world, I found him to be very helpful and courteous. Dan was part of my very first geocoin trade with another geocacher and he made the entire experience ejoyable and memorable. This nice coin would be a great thank you to him for his help and patience.

Best Regards,


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Wow, three votes only? This is going to be tough as there are far more than three people that I could nominate. I almost don't want to participate in fear of leaving somone out :anitongue: .


This is just the first contest.... there are 2 more with different ways to nominate people. If you are not comfortable writing people down than you don't have too. I think Boo Boo being nominated would be your best bet :anitongue:


I will only be able to participate in the first two, I will be out of town from the 9th thru the 21st. I will have to make these good.


Can we vote for someone more than once?


You personally can only vote for 3 people during this contest and they all need to be different from each other. Was that what you were asking?

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I'll second the nomination for Lori Darlin simply because she rocks :anitongue:


I'll also nominate Avroair. He keeps things interesting around here, is funny, generous with the coinage, and consistantly has some of the best coin ideas and projects of anyone (that is when he can remember them all :anitongue: ) On top of all that, he's become a good friend.

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OOo this is a toughy..


First would be Dorkfish - She immediately befriended me and didn't hesitate to help me out when I asked for help in organizing the geocoinfest event for Idaho. Without her help I doubt the event would still be going ahead as planned.


Second would be Damenace - He has been kind enough to seek out donations for our event without even being asked. Without his help in seeking donations, I doubt we would have as much donations as we already do for the event.


Third would be Kusanagi - The other day he asked me if I had a Dragon spinner. When I told him I missed out on the sale, he said he'd send me one. He didn't even want anything in return. He also said he'd drop in a couple of coins for the kids. Upon receiving the package I found much more than expected as he added in 3 other coins that were on my seeking list. How cool is that?!


Next week I have more people in mind that I would like to nominate :anitongue:

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Well, guess I better nominate some people too :anitongue:


This will be my first person: Pabloturtle.


Most of you haven't seen him posting on here. So Paul if you're reading this, this one is for you.


Thank you for your generosity and patience. Thanks for understanding about those things that can't always be explained and for just knowing. I am slowly gathering some items for you and waiting on the inspiration...but it can't just be 'stuff.' I'll leave you with this....


wakan tanan kici un


~tsun :anitongue:

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I'd like to nominate Mama Cache. Talk about someone who makes things interesting! I first met Mama when she and I decided to carpool to an event together. After spending an hour with her, we were friends, whether I liked it or not! LOL


She has always been there for me. She encourages me. She will look at coins I'm trying to create and come up with great ideas. I love that.


She is there for me when I'm happy. She is there for me when I'm blue. She is the definition of a true friend!

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1st- I would like to nominate 007bigD. He was truly kind to me! Not only did I get a glow in the dark cachoids coin but my own little surprise mission!


2nd-I also forgot about creacher!! I recently did a trade with him. I was offering a nano geocoin. I asked for his personal and he hesitaded (which I can understand) only has a few left and a micro isn't worth it. So I said how about you surprise me. When I opened the pakage guess what I found? Not only his creachasuraus but his mwgb group coin too!!!


3rd- I would like to nominate Tsun because you are always so generous in your cointests!


4th- I would like to nominate Damenace. Simoly because he always helps out the newbies!


5th- I would like to nominate Geosquid who sent me one of my first geocoins for nothing because had none to trade


6th- I also think that all of of the geocoin secret coin givers deserve a super special thank you!


7th-Tadpole379 is an all around good person


I wish I could nominate a lot more because almost everyone here is special help in some way!

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First, I'd like to nominate CinemaBoxers - Paula not only because she produces great coins but for being such a darn good friend. I look forward to meeting her and Jim both.


Second, I want to nominate 57chevy for being such a laid-back and nice guy. I've seen him numerous times and he's a blast to chat with.


Finally, I'd like to nominate PengoFamily because they are just neat folks.

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I agree there are so many more than 3 people to nominate! I certainly do not want to offend anyone by not mentioning their name...:anitongue:


But here it goes:


MamaCache - She is a great friend, I love working and talking with her. She will go to bat for you and be there when you just have to complain.


AtlantaGal - After you get through her tough exterior she is a great person who does/has done more for the coin community than most people know.


CachingCoins - Sandy is just an all around great person. We are lucky enough to live by her and get to attend event with them. She is very caring and giving.


These are the 3 people for this week....I put all the names of people I wanted to nominate into a basket (13 total) and each of my daughters picked a name this week, so that is how I came with these 3 names. We will be on the lookout for the next thread.


Thank you tsun! You should be nominated everyday, you are a great person! That is a beautiful coin also!

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I would like to nominate


Glennk721 He is a very generous and giving person in these forums. He is quick to give to those in need here and his Spreading Sunshine contest is helping to get a lot of coins out there in the wild. He also is a true friend and a positive influence on these forums.


Dorkfish Dorkfish has a wonderful sense of humor and is a very nice, caring person. She is very generous in her donations and charity auctions and I feel that her presense here also makes for a postive experience.


Nielsenc He is a great all around guy. His Oakcoins and geoswag companies make great coins at reasonable prices and he is great to work with. He is also very generous with giveaways and extra coins behind the scenes.


There are many others I would like to nominate but these ones come first.....


Thanks Tsun for this contest!

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My first nomination goes to the love of my life, BooBoo!!!


I would like to thank her for her unconditional love and support she provides to me for this crazy hobby I call Geocaching. I would like to thank her for lugging my Mega Coin around at times I really didn’t want to.



I would also like to thank her for all the beautiful photo opportunities she has provided to me while out caching, even though I had to beg sometimes!





In addition I would like to thank for the times I have begged her to pose with me.



And of course the times when she has rewarded for the job well done!



Thank you BooBoo, I love you!!!

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Next I would like to nominate UoTrackers


I am nominating Jen, not because she nominated me but because I really do appreciate what she did for me when I had my weeklong string of bad luck. It has been a pleasure being a “life” line!


Next I would like to nominate Fluttershy


I am nominating Allie because of everything she has done for this community. Thank you for everything you have given to the community and everything you have given to me, I am indebted to you for everything you have done


Alright since I am only able to nominate three people, you would have to know me to know that I really do feel bad that I can’t list everyone, so I have an Honorable Mention list that I want to share. I realize that I could nominate more next week, but since I am going on vacation I do not know how much time I will be spending in here.


The Moop Along – It has truly has been a pleasure trading with you. A huge thank you for when the times where tough!

Ryder and better half - A Huge thank you as well for when the times where tough


GlennK721 – Glenn we go back a year or two since the minting of a certain coin. It has been a pleasure chatting and sending emails with you. Thank you for everything you have given to this community. Keep your head up high my friend and FIGHT!!!


Go Jaybee – It never seems to amazing me how coins can create friends. We go back to the beginning of the Geocoin Experiment when I offered to set up and help with the Yahoo Group. Jaybee it has been great talking with you and a pleasure to have finally met you.


GPX Navigators – Michelle, we go back to that certain coin as well. Thank you for all the chats!! I am sorrythat we where unable to meet up while you family was on vacation. There is always next time


Dorkfish – Karma, Karma, Karma!!!! Where do I start? It has been a pleasure knowing you through chat!!!! Will see you in October!


Tsunrisebey – Eventhough this cointest is yours and you really don’t need the coin, you are to be commended for everything you have done in this community!!! Thank you for being a member in fine standing! Hope to meet you at GW6


Summerandnana – Charlene, it was a pleasure meeting you here in Utah. It has always been a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for the FIMO tokens and everything you have ever given to BooBoo


Arthur and Trillian – A huge thank you to Mike!!!! He has been the voice of many and has the track record to prove it. Thank you for taking the ban for the community


Oakcoins – Huge thank you to Oakcoins for there generous contributions to the community and for always being there to assist when asked upon.


Lyonden_Ut – Thank you for all the crazy road trips and the many more to come!


The Caching Place – Again thank you for all the donations when I have asked, it is appreciated. Thank you for the games you have created for all to enjoy.


BrokenW - Kelly it was a pleasure to meet you and your family while in Utah, will see you again in October


Marky&Joani – It was a pleasure meeting you while in Utah, Huge thank you for the Dark Side of the Cache coin


Wyohunter – Rex, it was a pleasure meeting you while in Utah, be sure to keep your eyes open for those mystery coins!!! Hoping to be in your neck of the woods this Labor day


Loridarlin – I just love receiving emails from you. They are always filled with enough smiles to last for months. You have always beena please to deal with. Hope to meet you in October


Atwell Family – Thank you for the generous offer in times of needs


Team OleOmi – Thank you for your generous offer.


Everyone else that I may have left off, please know it was not intentional!!! Thank you to everyone that has made this all a fun experience.

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Nice pics D!!! That BooBoo sounds like she's one deserving little girl!


Wanted to add Team Chelmo is right at the top of my list!!! and you betta believe he'll be on next weeks list! Cant believe I didnt include him in the top 3!!!...Major BrainFart! So many friends so little nominations! :anitongue:

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Okay first nomination:

Ryder3 &Better Half for introducing us to more of this craziness! :anitongue: And answering a million and one questions when we were just starting to collect geocoins.


second nomination:

Two Unusual Suspects who put together our local 101 classes once a month. They also set up CITOs, help out here there and everywhere with events and such. They personally make Newport News Parks guides for geocachers listing the caches there and copies of the cache pages. Pretty cool stuff for newbies! They are kept on hand at the park office.

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In no particular order


1. DresselDragons: For your dedication to both geocaching and geocoins. Thanks for hanging out with us at all the geoevents and for the numerous trades! It is so nice that our daugters have become such good friends.

2. TMOCM: For being one of the nicest cachers I've ever met. You were one of the first forum members to chat with me when I first came on the forums two years ago -- later I found out that you are from a neighboring city. Thanks also for the open invitation into your caching group. It's been a blast going to the events. It's always fun to chat with you on and off the forums as well as at the events! Thanks also for the numerous trades!

3. Glennk721: One of the nicest guys I've met through the forums. We've been chatting outside the forums for quite some time and have made numerous trades!


I also want to express my appreciation for Tsun. You are the most generous, kind person I know on the forums! You bring a lot of fun to the forums. It's nice to see your positive actions rub off on others. :anitongue:


But, above all, I want to thank my hubby (Mr. Anthus). Without him I would never have heard of geocaching or geocoins. And, I owe my geocoin addiction to him for he gave me my first geocoin as a gift.




P.S. BooBoo is soooooo cute!

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Great contest idea and I *love* the coin. I have a few repeats to nominate.


1) Glennk721 - Glenn has spread sunshine throughout his time in the forums including sending out 50+ sunshine coins around the country and the world. He has also generously sent his GeoTags around to several cachers (myself included). Last but not least, Gleen has a pretty sunny attitude here in the forums as well.


2) CinemaBoxers - Paula has taken her share of flak in here but I, personally, have found her to be exceptionally thoughtful and levelheaded. That and she's the only one I agree with on just about every point. Kudos for coin designs and forum demeanor.


3) Tsun - this one comes as no surprise. Terrific attitude, terrific coins, and a load of generosity. What if you win your own coin!?


Thanks to all who make this a fun place to frequent.

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The coin is so cool! I'm glad I preordered/reserved one awhile ago! Thanks tsunrisebey for creating it! Alright, well here's my nominations:


1. fraygirls - Without them, the beach would be almost cache-less!

2. dflye - Haven't you heard? He's hosting the NC GCF!

3. creacher - He's doing the NC GCF too!

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I can't really call any of these people friends (though I would like to), as I hardly know them, but my nominations...


1 - Dorkfish - she came through for me when I was looking for a certain coin for a certain special project. She dug out one of her last Karma coins to make the project happen. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it!


2 - Glennk721 - without asking, he offered to send me a coin that I had ordered, but had not received. He got 4 of 'em, and sent me one of them. If I ever see that coin, you'll get it back!


3 - (and I know this won't count!) - Tsunrisebey. The stuff she does here just floors me. She's generous to a fault, helps others without thought, and is basically an all-around great person. If I could ever be half a friend to everyone as she is...

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This one is going to be hard - as everyone before me has said...only 3? :(


My nominations are (in no particular order)


:(Castleman: Not only for producing great coins and being honest, reliable and kind, but for the huge array of incredibly generous things he does


:DDorkfish: An all-round gorgeous person who would bend over backwards to help others, but finds it hard to believe that others would want to help her in a crisis. OK, she's a dork, but the nicest dork you could ever hope to know :anitongue::D


:DCachingCoins: what a lady!! Generous, sweet, thoughtful, forgetful.... :anitongue::rolleyes:


But there are so many more: Keewee, Team Chelmo, Belken, Captain Zulu, T'nT, BigJohnP, Cainrcc, CinemaBoxers, Glennk721....the list goes on and on!!!


*Edited to say that Tsun is THE BEST for organising this little love-in :(

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There will be plenty of opportunities to get all your friends/those you feel are deserving in over the next couple of contests. There will be one coming up where it is unlimited....so try not to feel bad. For those who didn't mention me in their posts, well I'm sorry to inform you that you have been removed from my Christmas present list :anitongue:


Dennis, how did you get such a cute kid? :anitongue:


Some really nice comments all..... this has been really uplifting to read :rolleyes:



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Well here are our three,



These will prob be the only votes for these three, but for us they are people who mean something special to us in the geocaching community.



1st Nomination is for:



Gary and Donna of Team CoyChev from Michgan.



Donna and Gary made us feel welcome when we met them at the MWGB 06, we only had a few hours to spend there on the last day of our vacation. If it wasnt for this open arm welcome to "Events" we prob would have never attended another event. Even being from Wisconsin, we try to attend as many events in Michigan, even downstate. Every geocacher we have met from Michigan is just as friendly as these two and we consider ourselves Michigan Geocachers.



2nd Nomination is for:



Craig333 (Craig, Fonda, Ben, and Andy)



These four great friends are from Ste. St. Marie Michigan, they are the most down to earth people you will ever meet. We chat with them very often and look forward to seeing them at events.



3rd and final is for



2UP Geologists (Rob and Lori)



These two along with others throw a ausome event in Marquette every year, and are very friendly and helpful to new geocachers at the event. and have it set up in a way that anyone can participate.




It was very hard to only pick just 3 people who are worthy of getting a geocoin for being a friend. There are way to many to mention here.



Thanks tsun (Steph) for posting this thread, Often times you never to get to say thanks to your friends for being there.




Barry and Valarie of Sweetlife

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Okay, here are my 3 for this round.


Big JohnP - He's always a great person to trade with, and very generous with his coins.


LoriDarlin - Another person who is a great cacher to deal with; considerate, throws in sig items, and strives to make the other person very happy with their trade.


57Chevy - He sent me several of his cool sig items back in my early days of coin trading, which I really appreciated. The neat stuff that he and others came up with (and shared with me) helped inspire me to come up with sig items of my own.

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Ahhh, schucks. Blush, blush. Thanks tsun. I think consensus would bear me out that you already won the first round hands down. Good HEART and your ART ain't bad either. Thanks for your time and the cheer you spread along your path. Shundahai.


As for nominating someone else that maybe difficult as most of you don't know me and I know so few people in the Caching community. Only started in March this year. I usually cruise the posts silently in the background. If I had to go by what I've read the list would be wwwwwwway too long. So I'll keep it simple.


Have to start with JKGraziano, my daughter, for introducing the caching bug to me. Though she's working on her own family and career she's always keeping an eye out for Dad. Wether I need it or not. Always willing to drop things to get a few caches done and for planning those little weekend cache cruises. Sometimes I think it's payback for dragging her through the Deserts and Moutains as a youth.


Only other person I'd feel comfortable nominating would be LoriDarlin. Hers was the first Coin I'd seen. Just had to have one. Met her only once at one our TVCA gathering and she was a joy to talk with. Was somewhat shocked and surprised she was so open to just hand me a bunch of SIGs and a couple of her coins. A good Ambassador and If you happen to read this I'm still holding the LE coin you wanted. I'm just looking for some Idaho coins.

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:anitongue: I would like to nominate Fluttershy...she has been so sweet since I met her in chat. She has sent me so many coins..kisses, her geotag, her sun coin ...and doesn't expect anything in return... when I first joined the geocoin chat, she offered to send me one of her kisses..for nothing...I couldn't believe it..I was so excited...Thank you Allie!!


:anitongue: I would also like to nominate someone from home who isn't a forums regular, but who is a coin collector: Walkin' Ed. I placed a brand new cache about a year and a half ago. By the time the listing was approved, a winter storm came by and dumped almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. Walkin' Ed went out in all that snow to look for my cache. He went back for 3 days in a row looking for it..I emailed him hints (the cache was still able to be found even with all that snow). On the third day, he found the cache, and was so impressed with our cammo job and the hide, that he sent me a DNF coin. That was my very first geocoin...and it will always keep a special place in my collection. Thank you Ed!!

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In no particular order ...


Glennk721 - I've made several trades with Glenn and have always enjoyed the e-mail conversations


Marky - one of the most generous traders that I know of - I've felt guilty after a trade with him 'cause he gives so much.

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My second nomination for the week is gonna be Glenn721 :anitongue:


He's one of a handful of people who have just been as sweet as pie to me. Glenn and I came to know each other through one of the 'secret missions', I think it was the Secret Leprechaun mission. I had his name and ever since then we have become fast friends. He's always sending me coins and I can't get him to stop, lol. BUT more important than coins is that he has been a good friend to me, he listens to my concerns and when I'm excited about something, he's just been a constant buddy. I would do just about anything for that guy :anitongue: Anyhow, Glenn thanks for being a wonderful friend to me, I appreciate it! I sure hope that one day we get the chance to meet in person... ur Montana buddy ~tsun

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I'd like to nominate my best friend, my wife...PaRacer Joy. She has followed me for hundreds of miles of trails, up and down snow covered hills, down in gorges, through briars and sedges that were too thick to see through, all in search of the elusive geocache. And all without hardly a complaint and with full trust in my sometimes questionable sense of direction. She was there as I learned to use a GPS and we made many unnecessary bushwacking detours. When my addiction to geocoins progressed to the level that we just "had" to have our own coin minted, she was fully supportive and even helped with it's design. I would never have been able to enjoy this hobby so much without her and I'm thankful every day that we're able to share so many good times. Next week will be our 25th wedding anniversary and I can't hardly believe it, but I'm looking forward to the next 25 years of trails with her at my side!

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