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TB drops on Event Cache listings


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They are dropped in so that they can be picked up or discovered at events. A big TB swapping/coin discovering session is generally part of an event. They are then logged when the attendees get back home. You drop them off from your inventory when you log your intention to attend, or by writing a note. Some TB/Coin owners don't like their trackables being logged this way - but you will only know that if they have put a note of it on the TB/Coin listing :rolleyes:

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So are they physically placed somewhere or do you just shuffle up to someone and say, "Psst! Fancy discovering a geocoin?" :rolleyes:


I you look at listings for events that have already happened, there are still TBs listed; why's that? <_<


I suppose all will become apparent...




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Usually there's a table at an Event where everyone drops off their TBs and geocoins, then others can pick them up (if they think they can help them on their mission) or just "discover" them. Some cachers may have their own personal geocoin collections with them: These do not travel as such, but usually the owners are happy for other cachers to view their coins and log them if they want to.


MrsB :rolleyes:

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i keep hold of mine and just give them to someone in particular rather than just in the pot when at the event, as i like to know who i give the TB to.


that way if they 'forget' to grab it off the list and move on, when the owner starts to bully the last person you can tell them who has it.

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I you look at listings for events that have already happened, there are still TBs listed; why's that? :rolleyes:


Some people leave their own coins and TB's logged into an event rather than clutter up their inventories. My own personal geocoin collection is currently logged into our September meet, but I have them in my possession and will be having them discovered this weekend by loads of peeps <_< If you have a big collection, it takes ages to drop each individual item and then retrieve them again, and I'm not bothered about the mileage on mine so I shall leave them where they are for a while.


Sometimes people do forget to log that they have picked an item up, but a gentle reminder, either from the TB/coin owner or the event setter, usually clears the pot. It has been known for a TB/coin to go missing at an event, as far as I know though it is rare, and they can just as easily go missing from a cache. [:rolleyes:]

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