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Logging Caches Using HTML?!

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I have seen logs in HTML before, specifically blue or red font. I tired the html code for it but it didn't seem to work. Is this feature still available?




ChaseOnTheGo [:)]


Try this:


[red]RED TEXT[/red]


[blue]BLUE TEXT[/blue]


Edit: other available colors include green, white, purple, pink, brown, yellow, maroon, teal, & navy (maybe others, but these I have tested)

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Cache logs use UBB code, not html. So you'll always want to use [] around your commands, not <>.


Not all UBB codes are supported, though... just a limited list appropriate for cache log text.

All this time I never knew you could do that.... :rolleyes:


Same here. <_<

Some people say you should learn one new thing each day.

So I can go to bed now knowing I have learnt one new thing today. :rolleyes:


(UBI) 8:40pm local time

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