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Shydog and others featured this month

Pokagon Nature Center

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Shydog and other geocachers are featured in the latest issue of Outdoor Indiana. Outdoor Indiana is the DNR magazine publication that features things to do in Indiana, historical sites, and fishing/hunting info.


The Sept/Oct issue found it's way to my desk today, and features a 7 page article with interviews and pictures from many Indiana Geocachers, including Team Shydog, 501 Gang, The Herd, "Paws"itraction, Mr. Incredible, and others.


You can find it at most large bookstores (usually not Wal-mart) and any DNR park gift shop. You can also find it online.


The magazine can be seen here: Outdoor Indiana

The article can be found online here: Geocaching Article



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This article ranks right up with the best I've seen. Very detailed. They did not cut corners or eliminate hunks, as far as I can see, in the interest of limited column space. Very nice job.


The only thing that gave me pause was this line from a cacher named Mike Hendricks:

"“When the guys get there and dig it up, if they want something they’ll leave something - maybe their trademark - it’s all on the honor system..."


When they dig it up?! Yikes!

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