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placing a cache on your own property

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I had a very unique cache on my property once. I had some vandalism problems (not geocachign related) and archived it. I found that cache to be one of my favorites because it allowed me to interact with numerous cachers.


If I ever placed a new one at my home, I would add this one thing to make it a more comfortable hunt for my geofriends - my address on the cache listing.

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I believe that cachers who place caches in their yards, drive ways are hoping to meet other cachers and to just drive their house without stopping to say hello. chat, sign the log, and discuss caching is a loss to the geocaching Community. I know I would like to meet other cachers in the area. I think it is a great idea. Happy Trails...If you submit a cache for review there are extra requirements, so check with your reviewer as to what these requirements are....Good luck.

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If you are going to place a cache in your yard please don't place a needle in a hay stack hide where the finder could end up in the wrong yard. And for goodness sakes please no hides in or on your mail box. That looks like you are trying to steal someones mail.


The ones that I have enjoyed are where the cache is of regular to large in size close to the road. Many of them were ammo cans in utility boxes. You could try one like the one I had at my last house, read the description here for Wardrive (GCVRXP)

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