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Garmin 60CSx map problem


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We were out doing some caches today and my 60CSx started acting funny. The arrow was pointing 180* off. The distance was working that is how we were finding caches but the map was also off too. I have enough problems finding caches with a GPSr that is working properly. :anitongue: Anybody ever run into this problem.

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Did you try calibrating your compass? That needs done each time you change the batteries. Might help your problem. If not, perhaps a hard reset might work. To do that, press QUIT + MENU + ZOOM OUT + POWER all at the same time for about 5 seconds (starting with the unit off). All waypoints and tracks will be lost, but maps and Custom POI's stored on the data card will remain. A hard reset will set everything back to factory default.


Try the calibration first. :anitongue:

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