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Fellsmanhiker reaches 1000

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I hate congratulations threads...


Ditto :tongue:


I guess you'd defend to the death people's right to post a congrats thread though, given your sig line. :unsure:

Someone saying, "well done", - a strange thing to hate. :huh:


Anyway, WELL DONE Mike, and to your faithful canine companions - always enjoy reading your logs, wish more people wrote interesting tales of their adventures. :D




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Many thanks to one and all who have posted on this thread,well most of you anyway :D , What can I say,I'm underwhelmed :tongue: All this talk of tightfistedness is praise indeed (Thanks Gerri and Craig),while I'm on this subject who was it that anonymously wrote in one of our new cache logbooks

"Another cache by Skinflint enterprises",gave us a good laugh though :unsure:

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