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How do you display your coins

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Ive tried using a plastic page made for coins (ie money) that is made to hold the coins in a protective cardboard/plastic "case", but the geocoins obviously aren't all the same size, and dont stay in the sleeves very well.


Last night I thought I had lost 2 coins as they had fallen out of the binder, luckily I was able to back track and find them.


So what do you guys use that portable, and safe, while still maintaining access and visibility??




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Binders that zip close are a definite must for me. If a coin should get loose, it won't travel far, inside a zipped up binder.


If you use the coin pages that have the flaps on them, you're less likely to have a coin get lose. But even if I was using those pages, I'd probably still use a binder with a zipper.

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There a couple of different type of binder pages that can be used to display your coins in a binder. The "card" pages are a bit floppy and need some kind of cardboard coin slip or foam insert to keep the contents from sliding out. Scotch tape also works well.

I prefer the stiffer type of display page (TheCachingPlace) that requires a tool to push the coin out of the pouch. Another difference between the two is the number of pouches... 12 vs. 16.

A 20 pouch page is available from CHQualitycoins.

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I use the standard pages for the cardboard 2x2 and 2.5x2.5 inserts. The 2x2 page holds up to 20 coins and the 2.5 holds 12. However the way I display, I can only show half that many. I cut out a black 3x5 card piece to fit a slot, print out the icon and discription, tape it on and write the coins number below the icon. A couple things to know if using these pages - the flips the coins often come in fit into the pockets on the pages, when a cardboard coin holder is used, flatten the back side of the staples with smooth edge pliers so it goes in easier, and finially these pockets hold the 2x2 securely if put in and left in place, if you put them in, take them out to look and put them back it the coin may fall out. That's the reason I cut the 3x5 inserts, one to show the icon and second to show the number for someone to discover without having to remove the coin. Bob

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Just as a note, if all my coins were round, I dont think I would have much of a problem. I kind of have a thing for the "shapen" coins, so lots of mine have issues staying in because of that.


For coin which are not round you could try the same system using the nine pocket pages made for sports cards. And the pages would all fit into the same notebook. Bob

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Kealia is now up to 6 or 8 of the glass cases (each holding from 40-60 coins) and then the redwood racks on the shelf that were made by a good caching friend (5 of those I think). They cover two walls in the office, always on display, never have to open a binder.



WHo dusts the shelfs? Glad it's not me.

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