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Stuck Geocoin

Lovey Pigs

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I know this has been brought up before but I am sharing to seeek some help. A cacher grabbed a geocoin of mine back in April of this year and wrote he was going to move on, but... 4 months later & 3-4 emails later to this person, still no movement on the coin. this person just rrecently placed a new red jeep TB out in a cache (8-12-07) so i know he is active to some degree. i have NOT heard replies back from my emails, requests. i even offered to pay for postage to return the coin to em so i can move on. Any OTHER ideas? can i turn him into the secret geocache police/hit squad?? i now this happens, wanted to see if any other ideas or help. I'll gladly share the cacher's ID if it wil help!!

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It looks like he hasn't actually logged a find since May, but grabbed a Red Jeep when Groundspeak mailed it to him. Nice emails are about all you have to work with. It looks like he is currently in Colorado, so I don't suppose you are flying from Newark to Colorado to grab it.


Keep trying, but be nice. Once he/she starts getting nasty grams, that's most likely the end of the coin. I know I have a caching pair here in Northwest Ohio (husband/wife) who routinely grab travel bugs, log that they are "rescuing them since they haven't moved", and then gently place them 8 MONTHS LATER.


It's no fun, but it happens. Sorry :laughing:

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Join the crowd... this is my coin.... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=307480


It was picked up last November. I've sent two emails. Only got a response after the first one. Now they've put it in an unpublished cache, that's been almost a month ago now.


It's so fun sitting here watching my coin just sit. ;) It's nice they wanted to use it for a new cache, but after this ridiculous amount of time, I just want to tell them to go get their own coin to put in the cache to use. My TB is not "treasure", it's my travel coin.


But, I just keep telling myself I'm sure they are nice people with the best of intentions :laughing:

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If polite doesn't work change the coins name to "Stolen" and on the coin description explain why you have re-named the coin's name as stolen stating that you will remove "Stolen" from the title as soon as the coin has been released. Prior to doing this e-mail the person holding your coin and inform them of your intentions - or send them an e-mail with a link in it to your coin page after you have changed the name. It worked for getting my geocoin released along with 8 others the same person was holding. Or maybe it was the e-mails that he received from the caching community, or the notes posted on his cache pages, or an e-mail that had a link to the forum topic he was talked about in. Yeah, could have been any of those things :laughing: . If you are real desparate and they have any caches you can change the name of your coin (with an explanation on the coin page) and then leave a note with that link on his cache pages. That will get someones attention. An other option that I am currently using to try and get a coin release is the assistance of a cacher local to the area where your coin is being held. If you can look at who owns caches in the area of where the coin holder owns caches you can contact the other local cachers and request their assistance. Good Luck!!!!

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