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Geocaching in the movies!


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Argh! where the h*ll is it?

"inside the darkness" what kinda clue is that?





theres some really great pics on here, and i love the monty python ones :ph34r:




we travelled all that way and there was No Geocoin! Argh!


ere you take this geocoin and the old man, and i'll have the travelbug...



also a silly video by Monty Python on how not to be seen! when GeoCaching.. LoL!


"This has been Samantha, aka Sam reporting from Nottingham Castle.."



"As you can see, Sam is no where to be seen, she is setting a good example of how Not to be seen"

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I was the last one left after the nuclear holocaust, eh. The whole world had been destroyed, like U.S. blew up Russia and Russia blew up U.S. Fortunately, I had been offworld at the time. There wasn't much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked. So's now I spend my time looking for caches eh.





i could crush your head, like a nut, but i won't, because i need you to help me with Death-Life-Wounded





Beauty cache eh.





we found this cache in a bottle of YOUR beer, eh?


Like we was at a party, and a friend of ours, a cop, had some and he puked. And he

said 'come here and get free beer,' or he'll press charges

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Look here cache hiders. I don't know who you are, but I have developed in my lifetime some extraordinary skills... skills... that will enable me to hunt you down... I will look for you... I will find you........................... and I will LOG you.




My condolences to Liam and his sons.

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