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Geocaching in the movies!


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gulp... i was sure the gardien of the cache was a stuffed one... wait a minute nohone have looged the cache but the log book is full it a good gardien GULP!! :laughing:


and i pick a picture for the next cacher



cannot belive this subject wasnt chosen :)

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It doesn't happen often but occasionally you'll find geocachers in movies and on TV!


Post your examples here!




"It's a geocache, Jim, but not as we know it..."



This brings back memories of when there was discussion on the forums about Young Wesley Crusher from ST:TNG (will weaton SP)....it turns out he is a geocacher .

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"What do you mean the hint says phone home?"



"This cache is mine. Go find your own"



"Oh sure, I've got a built in GPS and all other kinds of geocache finding sensors and I can't find a simple micro"



"Now this is a neat cache container"



"I have torn this place apart, there is no cache here"



"Not another CITO event"


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"The GPS is pointing over there. That has to be where the cache is at"



"Now where can we hide this so it wont get muggled?" or "Ok guys, let's spread out and find this nano" or "Because I have the GPS"



(In the best Sean Connery) "But Junior, I think you loaded the wrong cords for this cache"






"Are we ready to go caching? I think I got everything"



"LOOK! I am tired of being traded for stupid swag, thats all I am saying"



"I'm looking and I dont see a hint any where in the description"



"Nope. Not up here either. I think it has been muggled"


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