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Every time the geolex link comes up I worry someone will read about Pirates and decide that it's time for a Piracy Reprise. There's already one cache around our neck of the woods that appears to have been Pirated.


So remember: Geo-Piracy isn't cool!


this is the first I've heard of "pirates"- if it weren't for stealing, ransoming or destroying them it wouldn't sound so bad- just like turning it into a multi-cache (by leaving a "just moved to...." note) -yes or no? am I way off base?

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I heard of piracy from the person who introduced me to caching, and not once since then. He was from St Louis so maybe it's a midwest/south thing?

Hey! I'm originally from just east of St. Louis- what are you tryin' to say! but seriously, I'd think that Non-geocachers (muggles) are more of a threat, stumbling on poorly hidden caches- yes or no?

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Pirates are only cool in movies. Moving caches is just rude. If the owner had intended to place a multi or offset or puzzle, he would have done so. And anyway, thankfully Pirates are mostly a thing of the past.


I would say that more than the muggles who stumble on poorly hidden caches, the real problem is caches hidden poorly so that Joe Schmo could stumble upon it to begin with.

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