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upgrade from etrex

One Eyed Hound
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So I'm enjoying my new found geocaching but I'm finding the etrex a bit limiting in its capabilities in anything other than wide open spaces. This is a common comment I know.


So I'm considering a Venture HC or Cx. Both will give me colour mapping which is great and will fit my budget.


I see the advantages of the SD card in the CX but I note it's not a high sensitivity receiver.


Question is, will I see a benefit in going from the etrex to the Cx even though it's not high sensititivity or should I plump for the HC? :unsure:


I've seen mention on here of the new venture HCx which would obviously do both things I want. But I don't see it mentioned on garmin.com . What's the story with that?




one eyed hound

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The Venture CX will give you much better reception than your eTrex but probably not nearly as good as the HC.


The advantages of the CX over the HC are expandible map memory and autorouting. The HC has neither. If these features are important to you you should go with the CX. If they aren't and great reception is, go with the HC.


The Legend HCX has the best of both worlds, so if all those features are important to you I would recommend stretching the budget a bit and picking up the Legend HCX.

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