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Remove missing TBs and GCs from cache listings?


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I like to look for the more interesting caches that have TBs and GCs.

There are several in my area that are missing TBs/GCs, yet still show up

in the inventory on the cache listings.


What is the proper way of getting these removed so that the cache

listings correctly show TB/GC inventory?

I think the proper way would be for the cache and bug and coin owners to pay attention and remove them when they go missing. If you see some that are not in the cache you can do something to help. I send a nice email to the cache owner and the bug or coin owner telling them that the item is missing. I ask them to move it to a "unknown location" It is very easy to do. You can also include this link to a article explaining how this works.


Then I make a public bookmark for the cache in question. I name the bookmark "caches with missing travel bugs or coins". This gets placed on the cache page right underneath the bug and coin inventory section. If someone looks at the page before things are corrected they have a chance to notice that things are missing. After all this, I wait 2 weeks for the owners to take care of it. If they don't, I send a nice request to Eartha asking her to take care of it.


She is a moderator in the Travel Bug section of the forums and can move them to a unknown location. If the bugs or coins ever turn up they can be moved back into a cache and all will be normal again.

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If you go to a cache that doesn't have a listed trackable inside of it, then you can email the owner of the cache to perform the discribed action in the previous post.


As just a random cacher who doesn't own the bug or the cache then that is the best you can do....just reporting the fact that the bug is missing.

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