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Garmin TOPO

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I am looking at buying US TOPO, either new or used. I am also looking at upgrading my Venture Cx to a 60CSx, before the end of the year (before end of $50 off). Does anyone know if there is an activation code for TOPO like other garmin map products? If so would I be able to get two unlocks, one for each GPS?

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No unlock codes are needed for Garmin Topo mapping.


For the Garmin European Topo's unlock codes are still needed IMHO. I have two Topo maps running in MapSource on my PC, but I am waiting for my Venture HC (I can't try if uploading without unlock the maps is possible).

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If thats the case anyone have a used CD for sale? Always worry about buying used from PC games. Once aa serial gets banned the disk is no use. With no unlock codes or serials I don't have the worries.


One can get it brand new off amazon for 59.10. Even cheaper if you had a prev version of topo (rebate).


I paid over 80 and i thought i had a good bargin. With that low price, used might not be worth it.





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[For the Garmin European Topo's unlock codes are still needed IMHO.

You have an opinion that they're needed? :D


I think that they're needed for unlock Garmin maps for the GPS.

I am waiting for my ordered eTrex, so I can't try if I can send data from Mapsource (I loaded "temporary" two European countries) to the GPS device.

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