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Heya Tank Hounds, don't fret on the puck if it doesn't show up. As much as I love it, I'll send ya mine if yours doesn't show up. Besides, I need to finish that trade we talked about a while back. Send me a message if you remember the specifics? I'm notoriously terrible with remembering things. Res2100 too.


BTW: Where am I? :laughing:

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Tank Hounds - we have a couple set aside here for emergencies, so take it from the Yime... don't fret. You'll get one somehow.


If all the pucks make it to their intended recipients then we'll activate these and release them or donate them. Speaking of which... I need to send one to Mr.Explorer3 to put with the auction set, yikes! I almost forgot that one! I was wondering why I had more than the intended number of spare pucks :laughing:

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Well, our local Chevy dealer had a player meet/autograph session last week. We met up with the man our son's hockey coin was made after.

, the MOST penalized man in all of hockey. He was absolutely the nicest guy and loved the kids. He signed a puck, a previous picture and of course our hockey coin. He was thrilled we made it for him. He said it was tough to sign and smudged a little bit, but I thought it would be cool to share here.





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