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[NEW GEOCOIN] Quadcacher Geocoins

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Our newest coin has just hit the store; we are now taking pre orders for the Quadcacher Geocoins


The Quadcacher geocoins are 2.0" in diameter and 3.0mm thick. They are 2 dimensional on both sides with both soft and translucent enamel colors. These great coins can be order individually for $8.75 USD or in 5 or 10 pack sets that includes a discount.




Click Here To Order


Win a free one of a kind geocoin!



1. After you have made a purchase on CoinSwag that contains at least one Quadcacher geocoin you must post your order number in the Groundspeak forum thread that will be started soon, the last four digits is all that needs to be posted. After the pre sales have stopped I will have a drawing and pick one of the posted order numbers.


2. You must post a valid order number to be entered in the drawing.


Here is an example of an order number:




The 1234 on the end is the number you post.



You will get to chose the metal and any extras (within reason) to be put on a coin. This will be your coin and we will only make one for you no samples for us or any extras you will be the only one to get the coin.


You can choose what plantings to use if you want glitter, where you want the glitter you can also add epoxy if you would like, you can even change the colors around to make it really stand out it's your coin make it truly one of a kind.


Good Luck!



Team Jsam


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In the first announcement we stated that the LE coins would be available until September 20th. The correct date was intended to be August 20th because of this allot of you where in the process of making your pantone selections for the LE coins and did not have a chance to place your order as you thought you had plenty of time. We are re opening presales for the 5 and 10 packs as well as the LE sets. As stated in our original email only 30 LE packs are available and that number has not changed.


We will keep this second pre sale open until this Sunday (August, 26 2007) 8:00pm MDT, after that the LE's will no longer be offered.


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