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SUMMARY: A group of adventure seeking college kids embark on a GPS treasure hunt in the Northwest wilderness. They are led to believe they will find two million dollars in cash. When they arrive at the treasure location they find what appears to be a grave. They dig up the grave to find a small coffin. What they find inside is shocking. Are the contents of the coffin real or is it all part of the game.


LOL, I thought they would have found dozens of McD toys. Darn they only found pictures!......Guess I won't be going. <_<

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Looks like I had my dates wrong the movie isn't this weekend...Oh well!


Goose, are you in town THIS weekend?


You should come over to the GeoLuau!!! I know it's been ages since we saw you, but we'd still buy you a beer.


Looks like a blast, unfortunately I will be in town on business and don't think I will have free time during the day. If something changes I will try to make it. Thanks for the invite!

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Well JEEOCASHER sent his tickets to me.


If anyone wants to meet at the theater at 6:45 I would be glad to pass the free tickets on to you. Shoot me an email or just show up I hate to see these go to waste!


It's at the Central theater (1411 21 Avenue Seattle) just off Union street and starts at 7PM.


They have beer and pizza.

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I have seen the movie and think that all geocaching should watch it!


It is important to know what to do if a villan is in the woods while you are trying to get a FTF...


Keep an open mind, it is a thriller about a group of cachers, not a geocaching movie about a group of thrillers.


It is full of humor, romance, and beer :)


Eric (creator/director) will be at most showings. You might just get bonus points if you say GeoBlank said hello!


One thing, there is a code that is supposed to show up during the credits, could someone note that down for me?

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We went to the 9:30 showing last night and I was very impressed by it. It was funny, kind of scary... oh yeah, I'm never going caching unarmed again.


It was our first time to Central Cinema, which was very cool.. pizza and beer!!! My main problem was the beer wasn't cold enough... and I ordered a soda with extra ice and it was warm with two small cubes.


Anyway, it's about the movie not the place..... every cacher should go see this flick. I wonder how accurate those waypoints are????? I think it'd be cool to try them out. I didn't say for the full credits so I didn't see any code.

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We went to the 7:00 show last night. It ways almost like a real date for us. The crowd was full of cast and crew members.


That opening sequence was just like a day of caching with Marcus :):D:anicute::blink::D:blink::D .


Got some of the coordinates written down and they seem to be SE of Enumclaw near the NW corner of Mt. Rainier NP. The code at the end of the credits was HHFF32. Even though the movie had some problems we laughed all the way home.

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Glad to see you guys had a good time. NMGeocaching is showing it in New Mexico in a couple of weeks. And the venue for the first showing sounds almost the same - an old theater turned into a grill with beer, big hamburgers, pizza, beer, steaks, beer. Then showing it outdoors the next night. Good to know it's not a bomb.

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I was so excited over this movie I flew from NJ to Seattle to see it

here is a review I wrote complete with photos. Anyone there on that Sat evening might remember the ditsy lady who they gave the poster too, might remember me.

http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.jsp?arti...281474977111265Yep I got the treasure code too, but it is asking about athe beer BOB drank in the movie and I can not remember the brand name. Guess I will have to fly to NM to watch it again. LOL

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I read the synopsis a few weeks ago.. Thats Why my Geo-trek on Sunday brought up some REALLY REALLY Wierd Feeling....


I drove out to ID for a day of Caching with a Purpose! For a Terra, I had to find a old closed Mine and knew where MapSource told me there was one. After driving down a road for awhile, I decided to search for caches near the road(on GSAK)... I then saw Smuckers Cache(GCF727) pop up Really close to the mine I was going after. Yeah!! I like getting 2 for 1. I parked at the spot where the old road went to the mine. A woman knocked on my window and I lowered it. She told me that I don't want to park there. That peaked my interest. She told me that She had just found a body down the trail. OK! Thats wierd. I asked her how far down... She said about a quarter Mile. I glanced at the map, clicked the Distance tool and found out the Cache was .24 miles away. Thats WAY TOO WIERD!!!


I left there..grabbed a couple more caches further down the road and stopped by there on the way out of the area. I just have the Geo-bug. I have to find the cache. Luckly, the crime scene was already delt with and such. The cache was Just past the scene(I Didn't go that close to the CS, but was able to stay on the trail and get around) and Then I realized Why its a 5/3.5 cache and they say you'll NEED to come here Twice. Grrrrrrrrrrr. On my way out, I even saw the body... Thats WIERD!!!


The Steaks

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