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pick one that have cache have adventure....


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ok let me explain .... me and my brother (wolveslover) went last night my 50th cache .... anyway we hike about 25 min 10 min arrive we ready to get in forest but my battery on gps went dead i repolace and fix and ready go and we keep hiking ( shoo we frogot bring bug srpay ) oh yeah army come to use we keep fighting ... about other 10 min we almost fell in pon dof water but we find other way to keep going but odd we saw bee hive ad we thought wold it will attack us ... seem quite in ... took pick and keep going .. we pass by and found we pass so we wnet back (with my stick ) found and rush sign on log and tarde and got out of her ... we about 5 min to get out of forest and i say shoot i forgot my stick but it not matter ... my bro say i get it .. i say are u sure .. he say yeah and went in .... anf few min later devon came out with stick of mine and we have to rush to get out ... because of the bug drink our blood ... sheeee ...


what about your story ?

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Stories about an adventure looking for a cache? Okay.


There's a cache in Germany called Beam-n-Rock, that took me three tries to find. Once I found it, it seemed easy, but don't they all? Anyway, the first time I went was in broad daylight, my wife was with me, and the GPS signal kept bouncing me around. Looked all over, but no luck. A few months later, I was out caching and driving around, so I figured I'd try to get that one again. I had gone back and read the hint, looked at the pictures and felt I had a good idea where to find the cache. It was almost dark when I got there, but that's okay. "oh, crap, I must have deleted the waypoint for this one. Well, I suppose I'll just leave the GPS in the truck then. I remember how to get there." There's my first mistake.

I should probably mention that this cache is on top of a rocky hilltop in the woods out in the middle of nowhere. The region is known as Frankonian Switzerland, for all of the cliffs, towers and rock formations throughout the area. Frankische Schweiz

So off I go, tromping through the woods at twilight, it was November and fairly cold, although there wasn't any snow on the ground. I get to the top of the hill where the rocks start sticking out. It reminds of some kind of dwarfish, iron age, LOTR castle fortress gone to ruin. Ramparts is a word that describes the appearance well. The 'wall' kind of follows the curvature of the hilltop/ridgeline, and meanders around. This is where I made my second mistake, by this point I had to use my flashlight, and I'm looking at the rocks trying to remember which one it was I was looking for, and how to get up on it.

After about 15 minutes of this, going in circles, I am fairly well disoriented, although I don't realize it yet. I usually have a very good, instinctive sense of direction, but it is very easy to get turned around in the woods in the dark. There just aren't any good reference points. So I give up and start heading back to the truck. I come down the hill, and I can see light where the treeline ends. "That's funny, I crossed a little tractor path on the way in. Haven't hit that yet..." I come out of the trees overlooking a field, no houses in view. "This ain't where I parked...Oh, crap." Now I have to figure out where I went wrong. Which way did I turn and how to get back to the truck. You recall that I left my GPS in the truck, therefore I can't just backtrack. I also didn't have a cellphone at this point - it was in the truck too. That's the third mistake. Well, the first thing to do when you find yourself in a situation like this is STOP: Stop, Think, Observe, Plan. So I've stopped and I'm thinking, when I observe a car go by on a road far off to my right, move away from me, reach an intersection, make a right turn and off it goes. "hmm, let's see if there's any road signs." So I tromp over the mud and leftover, chopped down cornstalks, reaching the intersection. That clues me in to where I am, and all I need to do is follow this road back towards the village near my parking spot - about a mile away! Yep, I came down about 90-135 degrees to the left of the direction I should have taken to get back to the truck, came down the wrong side of the ridgeline, and ended up in this field. By making my way out to the crossroads, I added even more distance. But I made it back to the truck, and a few days later, came back, in the daytime, with the waypoint loaded, with my flashlight and cellphone in my pocket just in case, and finally found the cache! Yay me!


Boy did I feel silly walking across that field, though. Lesson one, always bring the GPS, and make sure the waypoint is loaded. Lesson two - if you think you're lost, you probably are. Lesson three, bring the cellphone so you can call for help, it's a good thing I hadn't fallen on the rocks and hurt myself.


So there's my story. Have a good laugh, but learn from my mistakes as well.

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I always carry 2 cache containers with me.First one is stocked with cheap swag for drive ups.Second is stocked with better quality swag for the hiking caches.I made a 3 mile hike to place a cache at an old cabin.It was a bad day with the Hail storm and the thunder booming,the lightning striking so close the hair on my arms stood straight up because of the stadic electricity.I made it to the cabin and was almost back to my truck when the flash flood hit.I thought I was going to be stuck in those Mtns until it was over but I made it back to The blacktop road finally.When I got home I reallized I had grabbed the container with the Cheap swag.Now I have to return and replace it with the better swag.This time maybe the weather will be better so I can explore the area.

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