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:D I am looking for placing my first hide any tips on WHERE to place it ? I went to my local park to look for places and i found the tree where it fell over but is still connected to the trunk, where the tree and trunk meet there is a small crevase would that be a good spot? the Crevase is about 5in by 5in by 8in


Here is the container 6g1yuy1.jpg







smalll ccontainer about 2in by 3in

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Wow, my dear, you totally changed your post. It depends.


I just lost a cache that was a 6 mile beach hike to get to, and when I placed it I thought "What are the chances it will be stolen from here?" Well you just never know, but people will explore, and if the tree is something that is easily noticed / right out in the open, it may be trouble.


It is best, to protect a cache, to have it a bit off the beaten path. Think about it from a kid's perspective, is it some place you might just be playing around and find by accident? And, be prepared, you may not get that answer right. I know how aggravating it is to lose a cache, or have people take a good prize and leave a rock, but you need to accept the possibility.


Best to you~


Edited to say that I'm old, and the first thing to go is the ability to spell.

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