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OGA Talk Locked Out?

Keith Watson

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The chat archive was always open to anyone from the beginning. You could even become a member of the list with out having to be a member of the OGA. I know because I applied and became a member of the list. That only lasted for about 4 days until I complained to the hosting service that inappropriate content was being posted to the list and the service owners agreed with me.


My pay back for this was having my complaint posted in the list and my list membership revoked. Pretty cool, getting booted of a list without a single post to the list. After that a few people starting posting about taking the list private and it looks like it happened. Oddly enough, a few days before this change, some other people complained about something on the list and their complaints were not air to the public that I saw.


Seeing as this is not an email, but something posted in the public, I see no problem with adding it here.


From: oga-talk-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:oga-talk-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]

On Behalf Of The Blue Quasar

Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 9:46 PM

To: oga-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: [oga-talk] OGA: Recent postings of copyright material - Please

review in its entirety



To all participants of OGA-Talk:



On Friday May 25th, 2007 a member of the Ontario Geocaching Association

(OGA) executive was contacted by a representative from Freelists.org in

regard to the following complaint that had been sent to them:




Subject: Posting of copyrighted material.

Date: Thursday 24 May 2007 15:51

From: kwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To: staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Members have been posting copyrighted material to the oga-talk list. A few

members have subscribed to an on line document that is being mailed to them.

As they receive each edition, they are posting it in it's entirety to the

talk group.


This information is not freely available to the public unless they ask for


directly from the creator. No where in what is being posted is anything that

would indicate permission has been given.




As part of the subsequent discussions between the OGA and Freelists.org we

were advised to remove all identified copyright material from the archives

of Freelists.org that were posted by members of OGA that have posted. This

action was completed Saturday May 26th. All content of the discussion was

removed in accordance with the following documentation as provided by the

representative of Freelists.org:



(IANAL) Copyright is implicit -- the fact that someone wrote something

grants it copyright by default. Fair use allows excerpts of passages

provided proper credit is given and other things like use for parody. I

believe what they're doing violates the author's copyright since it is a

direct copy of the content in its entirety. Again, IANAL, this is just my

slightly-informed understanding of copyright law.



I believe this presents a problem for FreeLists. I think we should explore

removing the content from the archives and preventing it from being posted

in the future.



n as provided by John Madden (weez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)




If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact


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I'm reading this and thinking, you must have a personal beef with someone at OGA. Why else would anyone want to monitor a chat list for a group they don't want to join :) ? Especially since the lifetime membership fee is low enough that I could probably find the full amount in the couch cushions after the teens wake up and get off them.

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"Why else would anyone want to monitor a chat list for a group they don't want to join"


Because it may contain something interesting that is not shared with the gc.com forums. I do live in Ontario.


"I'm reading this and thinking, you must have a personal beef with someone at OGA"


As a matter of fact I do, see the above posting. Can you guess?


"Especially since the lifetime membership fee is low enough"


I actually don't believe I would be accepted as a member, nor would I want to under the current administration.


Next question?

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