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GHAGAFAP VI (GC13G70) - Sept 15, 2007

Amazon Annie

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:unsure: It's back! GHAGAFAP VI is quickly approaching and we are getting busy working on another fun weekend of camping, caching, picnicking, games and other assorted activities.




Whether you are brand new or been around a few years, Valens is the place to be on the weekend of Sept. 14th to 16th, 2007. The event takes place on the Saturday (15th) from 9am to 5pm but many of us camp all weekend long. Registration is open at this time - make sure you get your name in ASAP so you can get in on the goodies. We might have to book more group camping space if necessary (or book your own site if you wish). Make sure you put it on your WatchList so you won't miss out on the updates.


As usual, GHAGAFAP Central is interested in any caches that attendees are putting out. If you are planning to place an event cache for the day please contact GHAGAFAP Central with the Subject Line: "GHAGAFAP: Planned Caches" to book your place in the list.


GHAGAFAP has always had a super prize table and it's looking great again for this year! Of course our TB/Coin table will be brimming with interesting stuff to trade.


Help spread the word and let's make this year another super event. Bring your family, bring your friends... who knows, you might just get to meet Flick!

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Yeah, doggonit, we'll be in Ottawa that weekend. I was so looking forward to sitting around the campfire with my 5mw green laser pointer and being part of the lighting crew this year. Maybe the order of the BFL can shine their lights easterly and I can see the bat signal from the Genesis concert!!

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Just a little nudge to bring this back up to the top. We're getting nearer to being somewhat organized - t-shirts are on order, keytags will be made soon and all we have to do is keep the fallout of that hurricane off the radar for the weekend!


Hope to see you all out either for the day or the weekend - help spread the word, we're getting down to the wire!

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