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Found this one on the Las Vegas Strip


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What is it?

Just as it says: a right-of-way marker for the Strip.


The nearest benchmark coord I can find is quite some ways away, so I know this isn't an official USGS BM.

If you mean that you searched Geocaching.com or the NGS website, you're right, you won't find these marks in those databases. BTW, the NGS database has marks from many different agencies, national and local. The USGS is only one of many contributors. (And conversely, I know of many USGS marks that aren't in the NGS database.)


It's kinda cool though. They had them running all up and down the strip.

Yes, they're pretty!


By the way, you might want to read this thread from last August about these marks. You can log them on Waymarking.com.



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