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Caching in Jacksonville, FL


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I fairly new to caching, but want to get the wife and kids out this weekend and cure them of their muggledom. I would like to cache someplace with a large concentration of caches in a nice nature setting. But we will be bringing the youngest muggle (16months) so nothing involving bushwhacking. We live right near Hannah park, and so that is out. Anyone know another place around hear that would suit our needs? I was thinking of someplace up north on the islands but don't know the area that well.


Any suggestion would be great, and if anyone wants to meet us and show us around, even better!

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I've linked this thread to the NEFGA (North East Florida GeoCaching Associaition) website (www.nefga.com). Someone whose familiar with JAX caching will probably get back to you.


Cool, I've been to their site, but didn't know how to do that. Thanks!

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I would not rule out hanna park. There are some easy ones there that are right near parking or a very short walk into the woods. Most with no bush wacking. The biggest thing you have to watch for here is those crazy banana spiders. There are a few caches deeper into the trails, but none of them require bushwacking. There are also 5-6 caches in the nature tails at the university of florida. As I learned this weekend Cary State Forest has about 25 most of them you can drive to on the dirt roads and are with 15 feet of the road.

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